Types of Wireless Mobile Headsets Available in Market

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If you spend most of your time on calls, then certainly the mobile headsets are for you. Purchasing a headset will allow you to multi-task along with providing you exceptional voice clarity and easy handling. If you are using the mobile phone calls for official purposes, a headset can boost your productivity while ensuring your health. You are able to afford a little movement to already strained neck and hands. You can go and have a glass of water, handle some handfuls of files without tilting your neck in awkward angle.

There are two types of headsets available in the market: wired and Wireless Headset for Phone . For cordless phones, one can use DECT or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. Companies like Jabra and Plantronics have launched headsets that can be paired with any of the cordless phones. These wireless headsets allow a free movement for users up to a certain distance. The voice clarity is superior and the quality of the other features such as speaker and bass or treble are at par. The comfort level of their ear buds is amazing. With them, wireless communications get new dimensions.

The other type of wireless headset in market is 2.4A GHz. It operates on radio frequency and since the other systems such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN use the same frequency, the reception is not that great and hampered with lots of interference. So, to overcome this problem, an additional base unit is installed to the headset with the landline phone. The operational procedure of the application is the communication of the headset with the base unit and the reciprocal communication between the base unit and landline. This wireless headset for phones is not used that much given the complications it carries in order to put through a better performance.

The Bluetooth headsets are very much in demand. Almost every other mobile user is using a Bluetooth based wireless Mobile Headsets . It operates on the similar frequency as of 2.4 A GHz and offer low range of transmission due to low power consumption. Wireless headsets give you the freedom of using cell phones and mobile phones without hand- bound situation.

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