Types of VoIP Services

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VoIP's popularity is ever increasing. There are many different ways that VoIP can be utilised and some of these are outlined here.


Calling from computer to computer is the original VoIP. It is the most basic type of VoIP whereby two people simple talk to each other through their computers. The caller and receiver make contact through a piece of software that they are both logged into. The main advantage is that these services are sometimes free, with Skype being the best known free VoIP provider. Each user will use a headset, or their computers' speakers and microphone, to communicate. This type of VoIP has the reputation for not being of the best quality but it has improved over the last few years.


As well as using a computer to call another computer it is also possible to call a phone with a computer. You can call any number in the world in this way, including mobile numbers. It is easier than calling another computer as that requires both the caller and the receiver to be logged on and to be at their computers. This means that you can't call someone unexpectedly as, unlike the phone, it won't ring when called. An advantage of calling a phone is just that; that you can call at any time as it doesn't need to be prearranged. So it has some of the advantages of using a telephone, but there is still the advantage of the cheaper calls VoIP offers. VoIP providers charge for this but it is significantly cheaper than calling between two phones. Many use it to call friends and family living abroad as international calls offer particularly large savings. With phone providers these can be very expensive but the difference between local and international calls is small by comparison when using VoIP.


These are phone like devices that are designed specifically for VoIP. In fact, in terms of operation and look, they are extremely similar to regular telephones. Users speak through them and hear through them just as with a telephone. They also usually have answer phones and other features similar to phones. The VoIP phone is connection to the internet and can be used to call anyone by dialling the number just as you would with a telephone. Another major advantage is that people can call you, by entering a number that will ring your VoIP phone as it would with a regular phone.


VoIP adapters allow people to use their existing telephones to use VoIP. They are used to connect a phone to the internet connection therefore allowing the use of the VoIP system. This means there are the advantages of VoIP, such as cost savings, as well as the advantages the use of a telephone offers. The user experience is similar to using a VoIP phone.

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