Types of Photography

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There are many different types of photography techniques and procedures out there. Professional photography is not easy and takes years of practice and learning to get good at it, but that does not mean it cannot be done. As experience is the best teacher, the more you "click", the better you will get. Let's discuss a few different types of photography to better understand this broad term.

• Artistic photography: This photography deals with capturing visualisation for creative purposes.

• Adventure photography: This photography is taken during adventure sports or other daring escapades.

• Black & white photography: This explores not just clicking in black and white mode, but also understanding shapes, lighting, effects, etc.

• Architecture & real estate photography: This involves taking attractive pictures of properties and architectural marvels. This makes use of Panoramic Photography.

• Aerial: This photography is taken from the air, that is, by means of a helicopter, plane, air balloon, etc.

• Digiscoping: This is the art of taking photos through binoculars or a telescope.

• Camera phone: This new age technology allows you to take pictures with the use of your mobile phone. This makes taking a picture very easy and convenient.

• Documentary and journalism photography.

• Commercial photography: Done to capture commercial products for advertising.

• Event covering photography: This involves covering events and parties, exhibitions, festivals, etc.

• Medical photography: This is specialised photography for medical purposes to help diagnose diseases and inspect injuries.

• Natural photography: This captures the natural beauty and landscapes all around us.

• Billboard, posters, etc, all require large format photography.

• Panoramic photography is required to take wide angle photos.

• Amateur photography is the photography taken by any newcomer or non-professional.

• Cityscape and landscape photography.

• Kirlian photography is a unique and different way of taking pictures. It places the object touching a certain photographic plate, which is connected to high voltage, which then results in an aura created around the object. This is often confused with aura photography.

• Aura Photography: This photography makes claims to be able to capture a person's aura in a photo.

• Pet and Animal Photography: This involves taking pictures of animals and of pets with their owners.

• Infrared photography is another type that involves a recording medium, which is infrared sensitive as opposed to normal light.

• Astrophotography is the art of taking space photos with the use of a telescope.

• Underwater photography is done with a camera placed in a water tight house or case.

• Photography of people for say fashion, portraits, magazines, passports, sports, etc.

• Night photography requires special techniques and sometimes includes infrared photography.

• Paranormal photography deals with capturing photos of ghosts and supernatural phenomena, etc.

• Satellite photos are taken from the space of the Earth.

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