Types of Call centre services

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In the present era many companies wants to outsource their work, they have centralized customer service and support functions ,so the call centers are gaining importance popular in today's society. A call center is an office from where we can receive inbound calls and do outbound calls. Call centers employ many staff in customer service, sales, and support functions. A number of call centers make use of various technologies so as to improve performance. Various technologies evolve continuously, helping call center staff support customers more efficiently and randomly. Call centers make use of call monitoring, with the help of which various customer calls are frequently monitored by staff to ensure that phone representatives meet customer needs.

Call Centre are categorized into various types depending on their functionality and areas of operation. Most commonly call centers are divided into outbound call center and inbound call centre. In an outbound call center, calls are given to the customers from agent side so as to sell their products and tell about their services. These types of services are highly cost-effective and are based on results of administration and production process .If we combine the best of human resources processes and technologies, outbound call centers are the most efficient and highly reliable resource for organizations and proven to give outstanding results with great efficiency .

Most common services which are provided by outbound call centers Appointment settings, Customer satisfaction, , Telesales,product promotion, direct mail follow up, database selling etc.

In an inbound call center, calls are made from customer ends to agents so as to get information or report a failure. Inbound call centers have embedded customer support services, which see coming customer proceedings and take action, even when the customers are on the call. These utilize a devoted team of live operators which can provide 24/7 service availability for the customers providing help across round-the-clock account management. These are intended for taking-up calls from the customers and resolve their queries with satisfied answers. Call centers have proper setup to handle the calls and reply them immediately so that none of them are missed. Customers can also contact the executives through direct mails and other means of communication like chatting, etc. inbound call centers are available to satisfy the customers, whatever their need may be. Inbound call centers often use automatic call circulation, in which incoming calls are assigned to representatives in the order in which they are received

Most common services which are provided by inbound call centers are answering service, interactive voice response, order processing, email response, Lead generation, Technical support ,order processing ,direct TV response , Inquiry handling etc

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