Two Years After The Release Of Microsoft Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 remains a strong competitor for Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii even though it was released a year ahead than these two consoles. This only proves that Xbox 360 is really a great choice and is one of a kind when it was first released 2 years ago.

If the number of games that can be played using a game console can impress you, then Xbox 360 has the largest list of games compared to Playstation and Wii. Microsoft is receiving great support from 3rd party game developers, which is why they have the best games with best graphics today. We know that 3rd party companies are great contributors to the success of a game console and Microsoft has done a great job of using its connection to collect as much game developers as possible.

Unfortunately, Xbox 360 is more focused on hardcore gamers, and casual gamers may find this game console too much or is boring for them. Role-playing game fans may also find this console uninteresting because most of the games offered by 360 are first-person shooting games.

Recently, they launched their motion-sensing console called Kinect which aims for the market that Nintendo Wii has created. However, the debate is still on as to whether Kinect really has the capability to match the performance of Wii or will it be able to gain lead against its competitors.

These are some of the things that you need to know about Xbox 360. Choosing a game console can be a hard task for anyone, and articles like this will greatly help you gather all the information that you need in order to decide the best console that fits your gaming habits. You might also want to check articles that discuss game consoles like Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii; because this will help you compare three consoles and finally choose the best one for you.

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