Two clowns want to toy with our future

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Come on, let us not fool ourselves. Like a hot potato, Mar Roxas was dropped by the Liberal Party as its presidential candidate (to the chagrin of Korina Sanchez) because he lacked even a haymaker chance of

Noynoy Aquino too would not have been fielded in by the Liberals in Mar's stead except that Cory Aquino died, thereby artificially and temporarily propping Noynoy do-nothing's stock. But Mar and Noynoy were cut from the same cloth, both were born with silver spoons on their mouths, thus cannot be expected to carry the cudgels for poor Filipinos.

Noynoy claims he won't steal, but it's not because he would not but because he doesn't have the brain matter do even attempt stealing. He's just too dumb for such a task. And he's too malleable, to the delight of the LP elders led by Jovito Salonga, who see in him a pupper president.

The Liberal Party sucks and so are Noynoy and Mar. Read on parts of this article written by a profound political analyst to see how rottenand opportunistic the Liberals are.

"The Liberals were on the verge of panic as they read the tea leavesof Pepe Miranda and Mahar Mangahas. Until Cory Aquino died, and a glint in the eye of the grieving Noynoy caught their attention. That glint in the eye the Liberals have quickly turned into moist eyes for a presidency they covet in 2010.

"And so, groups allied with the LP's like Black and White, along with a few columnists, turned up the heat on a still grieving family. Noynoy felt like a challenge was upon him, and there was a legacy of
leadership the burden of which he had to face.

"Meanwhile, Mar saw his support base in the LP quickly turn askance. Men who earlier cheered him with every padyak of his pedicab, and cried with him when he proposed marriage to Korina...

"Mar decided to cut his losses, and throw in the towel. But unlike the wily politician he never has become, Mar threw in the towel way too soon. A trapo would have first calculated the numbers, watched thenumbers of Noynoy appear in the cards, and then sit down for negotiations. That was how Don Manuel and his cautious son Gerry and Don Amading Araneta, Mar's maternal lolo, would have played the game.

"But Mar Roxas must have felt like he was on sinking sand while facing the rush of a giant wave threatening to drown him forever. Potential moneybags want to test Noynoy's appeal, and unlike Mar, they want to see the numbers first. If Noynoy still hemmed and hawed, those numbers would not appear magical. So Mar had to go. He understood this as much as his confreres in the party and his fast diminishing "Friends of Mar" did. To their panic, Mar felt depression.

"Even Noynoy was surprised by the suddenness of it all. He knew it was forthcoming, and the burdens it imposed upon him grew heavier by the day, but he did not expect the denouement all too soon. Whether it was because, like Chiz Escudero who bound himself to a birthday timeline
(Chiz turns 40 on October 10 this year), Noynoy bound himself to a post 40-day grieving deadline."
What this tells, my fellow bloggers, is that what we have in Noynoy and Mar are too clowns who cannot decide for themselves and whose opinions and decisions are not even respected within their own party.
So, in effect, what Noynoy and Mar is offering is a pipe dream. Something which will not happen because they are not their own men. They cannot stand on their own feet. They do not have balls.

This is the very reason why Noynoy clings on the mom Cory and dad Ninoy's perceived legacies, while Mar's claim to fame is merely being a grandson of former President Manuel Roxas.

Now, why would we allow two clowns to toy around with our future?

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