Twisting Balloons For Your Next Event

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No matter what the event you are planning for, whether it is a corporate party, a fund raiser for your favorite charity, or your annual summer festival, you and your group are going to be looking for some engaging and cheap entertainment that is sure to please the crowds and keep them coming back for more.

Balloon twisting can offer your group a form of entertainment, a way to raise money, or both, without the need for a lot of expensive equipment. What's more, learning to make simple balloon twisted shapes is easy enough that someone from your organization who has an interest in this art and loves to perform can easily learn how to do it, thus providing you with an incredibly cheap attention getter or fund raising activity.

Getting Started

If your group wants to use balloon twisting as a means of entertainment or even as a way to earn a little money, it is really simple to get started. All you need is some 260 balloons (there are many others you can use, but these balloons will make most shapes and are great for beginner twisters to use), a balloon pump, and some simple twisting instructions which you can find on the Internet or a book from the library.

There are even videos that show you how to twist balloons for exact shapes. With a little bit of practice, you'll be good to go and ready to amaze and wow your friends and the crowds at your event.

You may want to start by practicing the basic twists so that you know how to do each type before going on to actually make shapes. The twists are simple to learn, and it only takes a few minutes to master each one.

Shapes That Are Simple

There are several simple and popular shapes your balloon twister can make with a little practice. Here are a few that can easily be mastered: dog, flower, giraffe, heart, sword, rabbit, snowman, parrot and swans.

Many of these simple shapes use the exact same twisting techniques and just vary the length of the sections that are twisted. For example the dog and giraffe are the same basic shape and with different lengths making the two animals look extremely different.

Helpful Tips

When creating twisting balloon shapes for any event, it is wise to practice each shape several times to make sure you have the twisting technique down pat before performing your new skill for an audience.

You will also want to keep in mind that blowing the balloon up most of the way and letting out some of the air before tying the balloon makes the balloon softer and easier to twist. In addition, having a permanent marker with you will allow you to add eyes and other features that will help make your balloon animals come alive.

While having one or two members in your group is a great way to save money on this form of entertainment and results in a larger profit margin, there may be times when more difficult balloon twisted shapes are needed to bring in the large crowds. In these cases, it may be worth your while to hire a professional balloon twister to get the results you want.

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