Twilight Saga – New Moon Is NOT for TwiHaters

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For those of you that know me - you know I've been anticipating the second in the series New Moon since the firsst movie hit the big screens. It doesn't surprise me that this movie hit record breaking number this weekend with the excellent marketing they've done over the past few months. Not only have they communicated with fans through blogs and "sneak peak' movies, but they've continually released bits and pieces of content that gets the "TwiHard" fans hearts racing.
This movie is definitely one that you should ONLY SEE AFTER YOU"VE SEEN THE FIRST MOVIE. I don't think any movie goer would enjoy this film without seeing the love story build in the first movie. I felt the flashbacks to the first film didn't really build the lust that they should for anyone that hasn't seen the first film. However, I don't know anyone that went to see New Moon without already reading the book or watched the first movie… this film was definitely made for its fans. (hence the reason for the blog title - I get it - you don't like the "love story" or the "fake werewolves" or the "new wave vampires." That's why you should leave this movie to it's fans and enjoy The Blind Side or wait for Ninja Assassin

For everyone else - here's my top 3 compliments
1. the movie sticks pretty close to the book (leaves out a couple of my favorite parts)
2. The film that keeps your heart racing for the love story the entire time. (especially with the eye candy - did I really just say that?… YEP)
3. The cast does such a good job working together that you really feel like you're back in high school and you're just hanging with you're good friends again - which may be why so many people are in love with the series
I'm definitely looking forward to the third film to be released this June (can't wait for those sneak peak videos too).

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