TVI Review - Is it For Real?

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o Fashion Tips: Appeal to your fashionable customers by providing smart fashion tips on your clothing hang tags. For instance, you can include style inspiration from famous fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and Jackie O. Customers who look up to them will most definitely hold on to it.

o Shopping Tips: Providing shopping tips on your clothing hang tags is very useful for both loyal and new customers. Tell them that unique finds are stored under the clothes rack. And that clothes are only available in limited stocks to avoid awkward fashion moments. Customers will find the shopping tips useful and will be able to learn more about your clothing store.

o Discount Coupons: Motivate customers to purchase more clothes from your store by adding a discount coupon on your hang tags. Advice them to present the clothing hang tag on their next purchase to benefit from the 50% discount. Mass production of these tags is very convenient with online hang tag printing services. Online printers provide hang tag print templates that can guide you in creating your prints. Print templates are very useful and convenient for your design process.

o Event Passes: Give customers a special treatment by using the back of it as event passes for fashion shows and other events sponsored by your company. The heartfelt question is how can you as a TVI distributor talk to 10,20,30 or more people a calendar day about your business. You could take the usual tactic and talk to all your associates and relatives, chasing them down just to recognize they won't answer the phone or just prevent you like the plague. Or you might purchase lists and make cold calls, ...ah no thanks. Or you go to malls and find people there That gets old as well. Frankly you can do that and many people have built large businesses doing that but frankly most people can not and will not. This route is hard to duplicate for most. You need a course of action that almost anyone can do so your sales team can duplicate what you are doing.

If you could have a web page which people are led to that allows you to talk to 30 or more people a day. What do you think that would do to your TVI business. Well with the right marketing system you can do just that. Now I am not going to tell you that everyone can do this. But where there is a will this is the way.

Additionally, of those that you do talk to about your business 95% of them will not join your business. What do you get from those that do not join your business. Normally the answer is none but with the right online system and affiliate programs you can make money off of that 95%. Does that sound like something you want to be apart of? Well, all you need is the right system and team to be plugged into and you can. Are you ready to change your marketing for the better?

Clothing hang tags are commonly used to carry your clothing store's brand name, logo, and product details. Customers dispose these prints after their purchase, since these tags don't benefit them. However, you can make them more functional by adding value to it.

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