TV through the internet exploding in 2011.

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In just three years, the internet will be four times bigger than it was in 2009. But just how big is that and what does that mean? To give you an idea - the monthly internet traffic in 2014 will be as big as 12 billion DVDS! That's every month!

But now that we've entered 2011 - the global internet video community already surpassed 1 billion users ( that's almost as big as India! ) and will keep rapidly growing because of internet sites like Youtube, TV streaming sites and the rise of video conferencing. But also video on demand and Internet TV are on the rise!

Now that our internet connections are much faster it became much more accessible to stream TV through the internet - enabling us to watch our favorite TV channels, sports events, shows and movies through the web!

Other benefits are having your "local" TV shows available right from your laptop or desktop computer anytime or anywhere in the world.

With modern technology watching TV by streaming it over the internet is much cheaper than the average $50-100 spent on high quality cable TV or satellite television. Connecting your computer or internet connection directly to the TV makes it possible to stream international TV channels right on your large plasma or flat screen TV.

Getting set-up to watch TV through the internet is much easier than switching to cable TV or satellite TV - so it may be well worth checking it out. There is no technician needed, it's available everywhere in the world and you don't need any extra hardware. Also forget about the monthly fees you have to pay for satellite TV or cable - Internet TV can be unlimited usage if you just have an Internet connection.

Of course - all the big channels (ESPN, CNN, BBC, NBC and all the others) are available and even a lot more. When you watch TV through the Internet you can get over 3000 channels from all over the world!

Do you want to cancel your cable subscription yet?

…Well you’re in luck, because you’re about to discover the only site on the web that offers a solution without subscription or monthly fees, no hardware to install, no bandwidth limits, with over 3500 channels, 24/7 access and auto channel updates. Hell – it even works on a Mac!

If you’re like me – you enjoy watching your favorite movies, sports channels (live soccer, basketball or cricket anyone?) and TV shows without paying top dollar for it.

Maybe you even checked out sites like Hulu, Fomny or Zulu and got pissed off by all the stuttering pictures and messy sound… or it just isn’t available in your country.

This is crazy and I’m a craving fan! I’ve stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago and couldn’t keep it to myself – you can get instant access too.

Don’t worry – it’s 100% legal. It’s time to stop worrying about high bills, crazy hardware and technicians and big satellite dishes – right?

Your fellow Internet TV fan,

Marcus Smith

Marcus is a big Internet TV evangelist. If you like this article and are curious about streaming TV over the Internet check out this secret about TV Streaming Sites

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