TV Execs Get The Willies Over Internet TV

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It has long been believed by many including us, that tv networks have not taken internet tv seriously. They have even hampered us using the internet as an alternative to the television set. Long established in their beliefs and old fashioned in their ideals, the networks are seriously scared of internet tv.
For the last sixty years, television was simple. You watched it from your television set in the corner of the room. Now we have Hulu and umpteen other streaming tv websites, pushing the latest shows and movies to you on demand through a variety of devices.

New Generation Dont Need A TV Set
Although the big networks were quick to put popular shows on the net many years ago, in the hope they could get a piece of the booming online advertising market and offset an declining audience number.
Although viewers came in droves, the advertising revenues did not. By giving away TV episodes online, "the industry is literally tossing money and premium content away," Barry M. Meyer, the Warner Brothers Entertainment chief executive, said in a speech in October.

President of Disney/ABC tv group Anne Sweeney, recalls panicking when her daughter told her that her dorm room did not need a TV thanks to Hulu and other streaming websites. She of course is right to be panicking, the younger generation no longer need a television set. Instead they jump onto the the web to watch streaming shows, but the networks still aren't making any money off these viewers. Hulu, the largest streaming site, is getting over 40 million visitors a month who are viewing 5 billion minutes of shows and clips. And that number is only going up, and on the flipside TV viewer numbers are diving.
The networks have a massive headache. They need to make money from online viewers, quickly. Because their is no turning back now. A whole generation are now growing up not needing a television set.

For most people, viewing Youtube on their standard connection works fine. But with the slower connections and those with buffering and playback problems, Youtube have released a new Lite version of its website.

Youtube Lite as a Feather
Some connections run into problems due to the amount of data held on your average YouTube webpage. There is not only the video itself, but also the related videos, the comments and more from, ratings, video responses, and embed codes. So Youtube have decided to do away with all of these superfluous extras and give you a toned down, streamlined version of its website.
It still appears that you can watch the HD version of the video if its available, and the embed is there but in a much more limited version. No comments or related videos are on display. This all bodes well for the growing number of Youtube users with mobile devices and mini laptops that need a little help.

Have you ever wondered why its still pretty difficult to watch Hulu or other streaming tv shows on your big screen tv? Could it be that the big media companies want to keep the two seperate on purpose? The Big Media companies are desperately trying to protect their antiquated business model by purposefully blocking and holding back the new internet tv technology.

TV Networks Keeping Internet TV Seperate
Of course the people to suffer from this restriction is the poor viewer. But its a building tidal wave that can only be held back for so long. Hulu have made sure set-top boxes such as Roku cannot stream its content on your big screen tv. And trying to get your pc broadcasting on the tv is not the easiest thing in the world. But why? Because the big networks are making it as difficult as possible for you.
So what exactly is the problem? It seems that the networks are terrified of losing their advertising revenue when viewers move to the internet, but the internet is also where the pirated and free to watch content can be found.

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