Turmoil in Buckingham as Prince William Separates Himself from Andrew

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It is a little over a month before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the royal family is in an uproar over the recent happenings of William’s uncle, Prince Andrew. The Duke of York has, of course, been in the news as of late due to his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender and hedge-funder from America.
Prince Andrew and Epstein have had a longstanding friendship, some 16 years that included many unusual visits and gifts, including a recent report of some time spent together in the Caribbean with an unnamed busty blonde. A photo later broke in tabloids and celebrity news magazines of the Prince with Epstein’s alleged sex slave, Virginia Roberts, in 2001. Epstein later stepped in to pay off thousands of pounds worth of debt accumulated by Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. Prince Andrew is also in the centre of celebrity rumours about fraud and a cash-for-access deal arranged by Ferguson including the exchange of £500,000 for access to the Duke.
With all of this coming to light recently, it seems that the groom-to-be is a bit upset with the Duke of York and his behaviour during what should be a ceremonious time. Those close to Prince William have reportedly advised him to steer clear of Andrew and to avoid being seen in public with him as he has caused too much distraction from the royal wedding already. As for their thoughts about Andrew’s predicament? Someone close to the Prince said that “there is not much sympathy for him in the William camp because he sparked the whole thing by allowing himself to be photographed with Epstein - a paedophile - a massive error of judgement.”
Worries seem to have reached a peak recently as the Queen herself invited her son, Prince Andrew, in for a meeting to discuss the current situation, a rare occurrence that has caused many to raise an eyebrow. The Windsors have historically had trouble keeping out of tabloids and celebrity gossip with bad press about scandals, but have been able to avoid them in recent memory. The royal family is hoping to use the wedding to slingshot the monarchy back into the hearts and minds of the world with an enormous amount of publicity that has not been seen since Princess Dianna. The family is understandably hesitant about the association of white-knight William with the less-than-reputable Prince Andrew, “Andrew will of course be at the wedding. But no one will be allowed to take the spotlight away from the happy couple.”

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