Tummy Tuck Recovery

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Tummy tuck procedures are popular among people who have recently lost a lot of weight, whether through natural or cosmetic methods. Those who have undergone rigorous dieting and exercise routines, as well as patients of body sculpting techniques like liposuction will have extra skin tissues to deal with, especially in the abdomen. Tummy tuck treatments will eliminate the excess skin and provide patients with a better abdominal contour.

During a tummy tuck procedure, a surgeon will make incisions in the stomach area to manipulate the muscles and skin, sculpting the abdomen into the preferred form. Because the surgery is invasive, meticulous care is needed for the post-operation period. These are the things to expect during a tummy tuck recovery.


It generally takes two to three weeks to recover from a tummy tuck procedure. After this period, a patient will be able to resume most of his or her normal activities more strenuous activities should be avoided until recovery is complete, which can be achieved with a few more weeks of downtime. If the patient is in excellent physical health, the recovery period will naturally be shorter since the body will be able to heal faster.

Expected Side Effects

Because of the incisions and the manipulation of tissues in the area, it is expected for a patient to undergo some swelling and pain after the operation. These side effects can be addressed through the pain medication tummy tuck Phoenix surgeons and other cosmetic professionals prescribe to their patients.


Tummy tuck Scottsdale practitioners and their colleagues across the country will likely suggest the use of compression bands and binders to secure the wounds from the surgery. Not only will these materials minimize the swelling, they will also ensure that the incisions are not infected. It is important to give due and proper attention to the wounds so that complications will not arise.


Tummy tuck results are not permanent. Sooner or later sooner, if there is no adequate maintenance performed the body will resume its natural course. There is a chance for the tummy tuck effects to reverse. To prevent this, a patient must practice good health habits such as eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. A tummy tuck Phoenix professional or any other cosmetic expert on the procedure will emphasize the importance of maintenance routines for tummy tuck patients.

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