Try Eating Raw For a Healthy and Interesting Diet

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Many people are lighting up their search engines in an effort to locate additional information about the newest raw foods recipes and ideas. Eating raw is the newest and most sensible diet in years, itís not a fad, it is endorsed by doctors every where and weíve known for a while that cooking foods reduces their nutritional value. The list of advantages to the raw food diet is quite extensive and the many new flavors is nothing short of exciting. From weight loss and improved complexion being two of the most noticeable features of the diet, many people are turning to it for those reasons and the new combinations of flavors is certainly something you will want to try. The days of indulgence are behind us now and even some of the most popular and wealthy people are making the move towards more sensible choices.

You will often find dehydrators in the dressing rooms of such well known names as Woody Harrelson, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Sting and Demi Moore and they all endorse the raw food diet. The dehydrator may be the considered the cornerstone of eating raw. Some of the most sought after chefs are starting to prepare and serve raw food in some of the finest restaurants. Thank goodness we donít need to seek out the finest restaurants to enjoy eating raw foods. The internet is a terrific source for information of all kinds, and eating raw is no different. Raw food books and articles are every where. The raw food diet is good for your body, itís good for our environment and it is good for our minds, so itís well worth a little effort to see what it can do for you.

The basis of the raw food diet is to consume unprocessed, uncooked plants such as all kinds of fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, dried foods and nuts. It is recommended that at least 75% of your total diet is consumed raw. Heating foods above temperatures of about 120 degrees F is enough to start breaking down the important enzymes that are vital to digestion. Weíve known for quite a while that cooking fresh vegetables destroys much of the nutritional values of the foods we eat. By enjoying foods in their natural state, we can truly enjoy the benefits of increased energy, weight loss, better digestion, improved complexion and eating raw foods will lower the risks of heart disease. These are benefits that canít easily be ignored. In addition to those benefits eating raw foods you must also consider the facts that the raw food diet is lower in fat and sodium, it is also high in magnesium, potassium, fiber, and folate. Keeping these levels where they should be is also directly related to lowering diabetes and cancer.

Eating raw foods is good for your body, mind and environment and it can be really fun to experiment with. Whether you are trying to change your lifestyle to include healthier eating habits or simply looking for some great new flavors to bring to the table for your family, you wonít want to overlook the benefits and new flavors of a raw food diet.

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