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When a person decides to buy art online, the first thing that he’ll possibly think of is the possible effect of shipping and handling. It is logical, however, for a buyer to be wary of potential damage which mishandling can bring to the art piece. But this is a condition that the artist and art store alike have put their confidence in.

More than anyone else who would like the artwork to be protected to last for generations is its creator himself. And the art store would not want its enticed buyer receiving the item he sees online to get disappointed. Or in worse scenario, the store would not want to give the buyer any reason for him to label the buying transaction as fraud. And in the case of shipping and handling, only trusted shipping companies are confident to carry masterpieces especially like wall paintings of renowned artists. They are made aware that despite the items being fully cured prior to delivery, material used like acrylic paint can be sensitive to heat which will still cause the paint to blot or the surface of the painting to crack. More so, they are made aware that any object to come in contact with the surface of the wall painting can cause similar damage this is why a person who buys art online should free himself of worries of receiving a damaged purchase.

Prior to shipment, packaging of the artwork for sale is handled with extra care. The people in charge of wrapping the item are made aware of its value. Before a stretched wall painting is sealed in a box or a rolled painting wrapped in a plastic, its front and back surfaces are supported with foams. And if the artwork for sale is already framed, the foam can be inserted in its corners or if not, it will be attached to the frame with the use of tape. Not in a chance it will be fastened to the surface of the painting for fear that it will leave marks or peel off paint.

To buy art online is becoming a new trend to art aficionados. Even the artwork for sale is of high value, more and more art lovers and artists alike are feeling at ease trusting the internet to receive the exact items they are enticed to purchase. People know that despite internet fraud and other scams online, there are still valid gallery and stores to carry masterpieces of renowned artists and promising ones alike. While making a few clicks on the mouse, they can now look around their house to find the nice angle for the wall painting that is ordered online. Then, count a few days more and they’ll see it set on the wall.

The author is an art marketer for Artyii, she has more than 5 years in experience studying asian artand has assisted numerous asian artist to put up their artwork and paintings for sale in her gallery
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