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After an unauthorized website garnered significant press attention for polling users on whether or not the multi billionaire Donald Trump should run in the next election, Trump himself has entered the fray. In a recent interview with “Good Morning America” Trump acknowledged that he had seen the site and, citing the unreliability of its polling projections, had prepared a similar web domain of his own.

On the show, Trump spoke candidly about registering himself as a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election, citing his business experience and habit for perseverance as good qualities for a potential political leader. He also revealed that he had secured domain name registration for, and that he intends to use it in monitoring public opinion and gauging a general response to the idea of his candidacy.

A trusted advisor to the billionaire property magnate said of domain hosting Trump’s presidential hopes that “the purpose of this site is to create a grassroots network which uses the internet and our contacts to spread the message that this country needs a man like Donald Trump in White House.”

Since its launch last Friday, the site has received upwards of 20,000 unique visitors, and has continued webhosting the polling function which was present on the previous, unauthorized version of the Trump candidacy website. Somewhat unsurprisingly, more than eighty-five percent of those who submitted a response to the online poll answered in the affirmative when asked if Trump was a “suitable candidate for the United States Presidency”.

It remains to be seen whether the billionaire Trump will do as well in opinion polls of more established, less questionable methodology. Over the past twenty-five years since he first made headlines as a business big shot, his popularity has seen as many reversals of fortune as his bank accounts.

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