True Green Energy with the Biosphere Process

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The world is filled with desolate energy. Massive amounts of pollutants inhabit the biosphere, threatening the health and lives of plants, animals, and even people. The planet is slowly dying because it is continuously being hurt by the pollution that has plagued it for almost two centuries now. Pollution is like a cancer that may very well lead to our planetís death and the demise of all those who depend on earth for survival.

Pollution therefore is in grave need of being stopped. Action should be done now before it is too late and things go out of hand. The environment has had enough of all the contaminated energy being fed to it by man. The planet is thirsting for True Green Energy. True green energy is energy that cares for the planet. It does not induce pollutants to the environment more than the planet can handle. It not only prevents future pollution; it also helps rid of existing waste that troubles the planet.

True Green Energy is now available through the Biosphere Process. The said process makes use of highly advanced technology to systematically transform solid waste into Green Energy in a way that very little carbon gas emissions is produced in the course. The utilization of oxygen limited containers is the secret behind the very little amount of pollutants released. This also helps in exponentially increasing the efficiency of the resulting power. By controlling the amount of oxygen introduced into the solid waste feedstock, the process is able to disintegrate the waste into its purest possible state.

The Biosphere Process utilizes a Group of gasifier systems to turn the dreaded and unwanted waste into a very desirable and efficient True Green Energy. A five stage conversion system is being applied to the solid waste to transform it into electrical power. The waste is first broken down into its most basic components because the more basic the particle, the more pure it is. And the purer it is, the more efficient the resulting energy becomes. To achieve the purest possible state, the feedstock is super heated to extreme temperature. This creates a very hot steam of pure energy that is then utilized to power the electrical generators.

True Green Energy with the Biosphere Process Group machinery is like a dream come true. Never before has there been an energy source that is both produced cleanly and devours waste in the process. Getting rid of pollution while satisfying manís needs for energy, is the trademark of this revolutionary technology that brings the life back to our biosphere.

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