Tron: Legacy, the Film News Fans Were Waiting For

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For years, people have been keeping their eyes firmly fixed on film news columns in the hope that a sequel to the 1982 computer game action classic Tron would hit the screens.

This year, Walt Disney Pictures has fulfilled that dream for many with the release of the eagerly anticipated Tron: Legacy. The movie will not only bring back some of the most familiar elements of the original flick, it will also resurrect some of the famous faces and technical designs that made the first such an iconic piece of 1980s cinema. This includes restoring the now 60 year-old Jeff Bridges to his much younger self using digital technology and bringing the stylish games sequences of the flick up to date with the latest computer animation techniques.

In the first film, audiences saw Bridges' character - a young computer game creator and programmer named Flynn - sucked into a digital world where he must join forces with a heroic figure named Tron to defeat the evil Sark. Now, in Legacy, Flynn's son Sam is brought into the universe to be reunited with his father and embark on a new adventure with new and more dangerous threats than ever before.

This 2010 sequel has been in the works for some time now and for anyone who has seen the fantastic film trailers that have preceded the release - it's not hard to see where all that time has gone. The landscapes of the online world are arguably now more vibrant than ever and with greater digital technologies now available, the creators have been able to push the boundaries of the production design way beyond anything that could have existed 28 years ago.

In November, the latest film trailer, an international clip reel distributed right across the web, was launched online and brought together a good portion of all the best footage to be put out so far. In October, people across the world were treated to 23 minutes of sections from the movie at specially selected cinemas, which also provided them the chance to get a sneak peak at how the 3D would look in the final feature.

With a soundtrack from Daft Punk and some great clips now available for the world to see, Tron: Legacy has all the makings of a Winter blockbuster. The movie is likely to feature heavily among the film reviews pages that will be everywhere before then, so keep your eyes peeled to see if it is one to watch.

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