Trends Of Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is a relatively newer concept in the field of marketing. The term specifically refers to promoting your products and services via wireless devices around the globe. However, this mode of marketing is not merely limited to cellphones, but also encompasses other electronic devices, including iPADs, landline phones, PCs and the like.

Several definitions of mobile marketing exist. Marketing that involves a moving or dynamic process can also be included in this type of marketing. For instance, billboards and television road shows that market a particular company’s offerings also pursue this mode of marketing.

Mobile Marketing is a broad field that can be broken down into several distinct components, which include the following:

SMS Marketing

Today, SMS messages are gaining more and more popularity as an marketing tool. Not only do SMS messages offer marketers extremely low costs, but also give benefit of promoting their products or services directly to the customers. SMS has other benefits too, for instance, bulk messaging can enable marketers to quickly interact with a large audience, at times, even up to or more than one million individuals.

Content Mobile Marketing

The Internet draws millions and millions of users who browse websites all for different purposes. Search engines and the like provide information, whereas e-commerce websites directly sell products to targeted customers. The Internet has today grown as one of the most popular marketing tools. Social networking sites, such as Facebook with more than 500 million users provide marketers with a large audience base to offer their services. In addition to this, pay-per-click programs, such as Google Adsense also enable users to generate revenue while selling or promoting products. This form of marketing is termed as mobile content marketing.

CPA Marketing

CPA marketing attracts traffic to a particular website where users provide personal information and the marketer gets paid for every form that is filled out. Some CPA networks are solely dedicated for cellphone users.

Without doubt, mobile marketing is ever on the rise and researchers are busy finding newer, more effective and more economical ways to promote their ideas and services via this new mode of marketing.

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