Trends of mass communication industry

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Mass communication is a very popular industry nowadays and it is certainly one the fastest emerging industries in India.

The industry has a bright and promising prospect. The industry provides employment to a large number of young people working with various channels and in print media. The outstanding success of mass communication industry in India has encouraged students to apply on this field. Media has gone through tremendous changes in the last ten years and outgrown to a great extent. Today it generates multiple career opportunities with lucrative packages and growth. This is the reason many young and enthusiastic individuals have shown interest in this field.

Mass communication has greater scope in big cities or metros of India like- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata. These cities have a plethora of Hindi, English and regional news and entertainment channels. This creates lot of job opportunities and growth for professionals and young aspirants. Delhi is a home of many reputed mass communication institutes and colleges both private and government.

Mass communication institutes in Delhi lure many young individuals and every year a large number of applicants apply for mass communication courses. To get career-break in a big channel it is very essential that you study in a reputed mass communication college. Some well-known mass communication institutes Delhi conduct entrance test to select only the deserving candidates.

With the emergence of many media channels in Delhi and other metros, it has become easier for students to get jobs and grow in their prospective careers. However, it was not so couples of years back, the opportunities were meager as there were very few news and entertainment channels and print media was also limited in its domain. Besides, the number of audience was not as much as it is today.

This is to be noted that mass communication stands for various streams, it is a collective term. Mass communication has a number of branches like- reporting, news-reading, anchoring, advertising, public relations, films production, acting and now radio jockey as well. Mass communication is expanding rapidly and there is no dearth of jobs and growth for eligible candidates. You can choose any stream in mass communication.

With the course of time, media has made unprecedented progress and extended its boundaries beyond politics, agriculture, businesses etc. It has spread its manifold to common people, social issues, films, television, international agendas and lot more. It is just limited to one or two countries but has spread globally. Media reports all breaking news taking place in your country and around the world. Moreover, emergence of the Internet has worked like a fuel on fire and media has become more widespread and powerful. In addition, with the arrival FM radio channels mass communication field has become more lucrative and progressive.

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