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When the skin receives an injury, it recovers by healing the damaged tissue which later forms a scar. Thus scar is essential for healing. A scar can be thick or light depending on the damage. There are many types of scars, most of them harmless, but there are certain that can affect your health. Thus they must be subject to immediate treatment.

Scars that require attention are these: Keloid, hypertrophic and contracture scars. Keloid scars are the result of a deep, aggressive wound. These scars are often recurring even after treatment that they require surgery for permanent removal. Recurrence of these scars may affect mobility, for these scars extend beyond the boundary of the injury. Then there are Hypertrophic scars. These are similar to keloid, but unlike them, they stay within the injured boundary. They can be treated with steroids and pressure garments. Surgeries are required only when other kinds of treatment are ineffectual in removing these scars.

Possibly the most difficult scars to treat are contracture scars which are caused by burns. These scars cause permanent tightening of the skin and can impair muscular activity. This renders these scars rather difficult to handle. Treatment of contracture scars include physiotherapy, pressure garments and exercise which are meant to help in lubricating the tightened muscles. However, skin graft implantations are required, if these scars are to be removed permanently.

Then there are others scars left by surgical injuries, acnes etc, whose treatment is very simple. In order to remove these scars, one may use products and creams easily available on the market. There are creams, lotions and gels that guarantee scar-free healing. These products are efficacious in treating these simple scars.

Scars must not be neglected. Though an essential part of healing, some scars, like contracture scars for example, create other problems as they tend to exceed the boundary of their injuries. Moreover, scars are marks that are better removed in order to obtain a neat look. Therefore, scar treatment is necessary and should be taken up immediately for good, permanent remedy.


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