Treat your acne – Effective tips for those with dry skin

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Acne problems are not restricted to certain skin types. They have an across the board mandate and can affect dry skin, oily skin and even healthy skin. But, the good news is that there are many different ways that are available for acne treatment.

Here are a few simple tips that can help treat acne if you have dry skin.

Drinking lots of water!

Frankly, there is no limit to the amount of water you can drink in a day. The minimum is around 8 glasses of water per day, but if you have dry skin, don't restrict your water intake to just 8 glasses; drink as much of it as you can. Your aren't going to harm your body if you drink excess water. Its only going to be beneficial to you. The most important benefit of water with respect to your skin, is that it will keep it hydrated. It will help reduce the dryness, which will help treat acne quickly and effectively. It will also help flush the toxins from your body. Some of these toxins might also be contributing to your acne problem. All in all, water is a great help as far as acne treatment is concerned.

Using skin cleansers

Its not only about using cleansers. You need to use the kind of skin cleansers that have been developed specifically for dry skin. But before that, you need to be able to identify the kind of dryness you are suffering from. Is the dryness of your skin natural or is it chemical induced. Many a times, the dry skin is a result of the cleanser that you use. If such is the case, get started on a different cleanser, preferably something that has natural ingredients. On the other hand, you might be using a skin cleanser that is specifically meant for oily skin. It might not be working on your dry skin. In such cases, switching to an appropriate cleanser will help matters immeasurably. The purpose of a cleanser is to cleanse your skin of all the dead cells, dirt and oily residue. This also helps inhibit the development of acne.

Use a moisturizer

Do you use lots of moisturizer if you have dry skin? Thats the question that is uppermost in your minds if you have dry skin and are also suffering from acne. The answer to that question is, absolutely not. Also, don't avoid using a moisturizer if you are suffering from acne. The purpose of a moisturizer is to keep your skin hydrated and providing a protective layer against the dirt and toxins that usually affect the skin. If you have acne, you need to pick the right moisturizer. Also, go for gels instead of lotions or creams. Also make sure that the moisturizer that you are going to use does not clog the pores of your skin. Your skin needs to breathe, in order to remain healthy. So, ensure that your moisturizer helps it do just that.

Avoiding chemicals

Its understandable that you have panicked because you are suffering from an acne breakout and all the more because you have dry skin. But, don't allow your panic to force you to make the wrong choices. Its important that you don't use treatment that has chemical ingredients. Many treatment options in the form of creams and gels that claim to treat acne contain harsh chemicals. They might treat your condition, but not before they cause irreparable harm. So, its advisable to not use such products.

Important suggestions

If you are unsure about the kind of products that you need to use, consult a dermatologist. Your skin is very sensitive, so its important that you make informed decisions when it comes to using the correct treatment option and also the right skin care product. If you make the wrong choice, you will only worsen the skin condition and increase the dryness of your skin. Sometimes, the simplest and the most natural treatment option are the best. So, search for them, consult an expert and begin using them.

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