Travelling on the Royal Scotsman Train

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The Royal Scotsman debuted in May 1985, as a collection of leased carriages put together by its owner. The initial carriage leases lasted for a term of five years, and the train performed so well that it was awarded the coveted Queen's Award for Export.

In May of 1990 when the carriage leases expired, the train's owners decided to revamp the line up. So they acquired ten Pullman carriages, designed by Jame Park according to the owner's exacting design standards. There were a number of improvements in the carriages in terms of both form and function. For example, the interior was spruced up with custom woodwork, and modern electric heating replaced the original steam heating. Each cabin had its own private facilities, and additional seating capacity was added to the observation and dining cars, which could now hold 32 guests. In 1997, even more seating was added, bringing the total seating capacity to 36. The train now featured 16 twin cabins along with 4 single state cabins.

Travelling on the Royal Scotsman

Guests of the Royal Scotsman take a trip to the heart of the Scottish Highlands, while enjoying the finest cuisine that includes the best of local produce. Scotland comes to life as a clansman regales guests with stories of Scottish History, all the while enjoying the sights of hills cloaked in mist and ancient castles dotting the landscape.

Another point of interest for guests on a Royal Scotsman voyage is Kyle of Lochalsh, where fresh oysters are harvested right next to the train's platform. Guests feast on these fine, fresh oysters as their journey continues.

When it comes to dining, the fare aboard the Royal Scotsman is simply superb. The menu includes fresh, local food that provides seasonal delights. The food served on the train is some of the best in all of Britain. The Royal Scotsman also features an incredible selection of wines so that guests can always find the perfect complement to a meal. Breakfast options include a continental breakfast, or a traditional full-cooked Scottish meal.

Some of the delicacies featured aboard the train include delectable seafood like salmon and shellfish, as well as Aberdeen Angus beef, game, and a variety of seasonal produce. Meals are prepared by expert chefs, who have been trained by the likes of Charlie Trotter, Michel Roux, and Raymond Blanc. Guests who have special dietary needs can be catered for and should consult with the chef before embarking on the trip.

The dining cars are decorated lavishly with rich fabrics and deep Mahogany panelling. One of the cars is designed to accommodate larger parties with tables seating from 6 to 8 people, while the other car has intimate and elegant place settings for parties of 2 to 4 people. Some nights are designated as formal affairs, with the attire of the evening including tuxedos or even kilts, and other nights are casual coat-and-tie affairs.

The sleeping accommodations are wonderfully extravagant and comfortable, with 4 single state cabins and 16 twin cabins. The cabins provide a wonderful way for guests to relax and escape from the commotion, as well as watch the beautiful scenery of the Scottish countryside. The observation car is also specially designed for guests to lounge and take in the sights of the Scottish landscape.

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