Transformers 2: Robots Ready To Come In A Different Form

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We all are waiting for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen eagerly, which is due to hit the theatres on June 19th, 2009 in the UK. The sequel of Transformers 2007, Transformers 2, is coming to the big screen with lots of predictions and expectations from the fans.

The movie shows the battle between two kinds of robots, the Autobots and Decepticons. These robots choose earth as a battle field to settle their disputes. There has been lot of talk about these robots in the media. We have heard previously that 40 robots will be seen in the movie. Later on, we started hearing the number 60. Nonetheless, fans who have very good understanding about the Transformers Universe and origin are finding it difficult to compile a list of 60 potential robots.

Recently a list was published by Paramount Pictures stating the number of robots that will appear in the movie. We are surprised to see a lot less robots who will be appearing in the movie, and also we are astonished to not see the name of Megatron in the list of robots; Michael Bay confirmed Megatron was going to be in the movie.

Some robots that will be seen in the movie, and that can transform into different machines, are:


Optimus Prime: He is the leader of the Autobots and can transform into a Peterbilt truck. Ironhide: He is a specialist in weapons. He can transform into a GMC Topkick.

Ratchet: He is a member of the Army Medical Corpse and can transform into a Hummer H2.

Bumblebee: He befriended Sam Witwicky, the main character of the movie, in the first movie. He will again be seen as a friend of him and also will be used by him as a Chevorlet Camero 2010 vehicle.

Arcee: She is a female combiner, who can transform into motorcycle.

Jetfire: He was a Decepticon in the first movie but chose to be an Autobot in this movie. He did this because he was wounded and has also aged. He has the capability to transform into SR71 Blackbird jet.

Jolt: He was originally a Decepticon, but will be in the Autobot's team. He can transform into a Chevrolet Volt Plug-in-hybrid.

Skid & Mudflap: They are twins and can transform into Chevrolet Beat and Trax concept cars respectively.


Starscream: He had gone back into space in the previous movie but now has returned to command the Decepticons. He was second in command but now will be high in command. He can transform into F-22 Raptor jet.

Scorponok: He was the one who attacked American soldiers in the first movie. He got injured his tail. He is back in the movie in healthy form.

The Fallen: He was one of the original Transformers who is seen in the movie as an elemental negative source.

Soundwave: He is known as the most intelligent officer of Megatron. He can transform into Cybertronian craft.

Ravage: Ravage is simply a four-legged, cat-like robot.

Wheelie: He is a small, radio-controlled truck.

Demolisher: This Decepticon actually belongs to Constructicons that transforms into construction vehicles.

Devastator: He is one of the biggest and powerful of all the Decepticons, who is made of seven vehicles that include Scavenger, Scrapper, Hightower, Longhaul, Rampage, Overload and Mixmaster.

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