Transformers 2 Character– Starscream

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Transformers 2 is marked with the large scale portrayal of evil incarnations ready to destroy the goodies in order to achieve their certain goals. Audiences can see various evil characters in the generation of Decepticons in the movie. Amongst these, Starscream is holding an important stature with an undying instinct to kill. He is always ready to attack, fight, and kill.

Starscream is one of the most reliable comrades of the Fallen and Megatron, indulged from tip to toe in evil designs. The character of Starscream has been designed with keeping in view all the details that can muster up to project the cruel face of evil.

He is one of the most active and brutal Decepticons. He is an air commander able to transform into F-22 Raptor jet mode in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He is not a new character that is being introduced in the sequel; he was present in the prequel too. In the prequel, he left the Earth in the end of the battle and went to space.

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we see all the characters with slight changes in their personalities. Even the protagonist, Sam Witwicky appears as a more mature person taking his life rather seriously while trying to live alone. Like the human characters, the Decepticons and the Autobots also appear in the sequel with modifications. Both the generations appear as being powerful and carrying advanced features.

Starscream appears with Cybertronian inscriptions all over his body. He is now in a position to command a new Decepticons army; previous of them being modified accompanied with a group of new Decepticons. It has been confirmed through reliable sources that Starscream will be having a stronger role than in Transformers 2007. It was also told by Orci, one of the writers of the sequel, that Starscream would be having more dialogues and more on-screen time in the sequel. This declaration itself is an evidence of the overpowering character with which Starscream will be appearing this time.

Audiences will surely be thrilled to see the projection of brutality and evilness on a wide scope in the shape of Starscream’s character. Starscream and the rest of his fellows are maddened with the instinct of revenge. The purpose of avenging a war upon the humans and the Decepticons in the prequel was similar, and it is again their purpose in the sequel. Starscream and his new army of Decepticons are fully determined to capture Sam to gain the knowledge about Cybertron.

To gain their purpose, we will see them launching a full-fledged war against all. He is a loyal member of Decepticons who puts in all his efforts to upsurge his commanders: The Fallen and Megatron.

His conviction in victory is admirable. Starscream is one of the most active Decepticons. With all his might, he flies and attacks his enemy with unexpectedly high speed. His swift attacks make the enemy vulnerable. He is able to create an atmosphere of awe and terror with his cold-bloodedness, whenever he appears on the screen. His presence means certainty of loss and death. His character has been developed, and produced by putting all the maestro qualities to work.

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