Transconjunctival blepharoplasty

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"Refresh Your Skin with Chemical Peels and Botox
Technological advancements have shown its impact on almost all the field of human life. These advancements have transformed the basic notion of daily life and its notions related to beauty. Varying from the conventional medical techniques like surgery and allied treatments, there are many beauty enhancing methods available in the present day. Cosmetic industry is visualizing the raised use of non surgical methods. A prominent example in this case is the use of injectable solutions like Botox. The key ingredient in this is the botulinium protein created by a bacterium.

The Botox Canada is highly useful in eliminating wrinkles from face and raising eyebrows. This helps in easy removal of facial wrinkles caused with stress and other ways of facial expressions. Many beauty centers make use of less concentrated and cleared Botox solution for the muscle relaxation. The muscle tightening is stopped evermore by blocking the flow of signals between the muscles and nerves. With this folds and frown lines under the eye can be removed. The injected solution shows its effect within a period of seven days maximum. For better results, it is better to avoid alcohol consumption and use of other anti inflammatory medicines. Canada Botox is also widely used in the treatment of migraine, excess sweating etc..

Like the Canada Botox, there is another solution widely used in enhancing the smoothness of skin by removing fine wrinkles. TCA (trichloro acetic acid) is an example for this. The tca chemical peel has the ability to enhance the texture, shining and the tone of the skin. Age spots and dark under eye circles can be easily eliminated with it. The tca chemical peel can applied on people of all skin colors. Although, it is thought as the best choice for those having a dark skin. In actual, this is used as a medium agent in the depth peeling. Needed depth can be obtained by raising the concentration of the solution. The effect can be found within a period of three to six months.

People suffering from problems like droopy eyelids, a condition also commonly known as transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty are treated with oculoplastic surgical methods. Doctor Karim Punja is an efficient practitioner in this field of aesthetic enhancement. The center also specializes in the use of Botox and fillers, orbital surgery, application of tca chemical peel etc.. A maximum time of 60 minutes are taken for doing process like the use of tca peels. Sedatives are initially provided by the physician to bear the burning feeling during application. Then the skin is applied with the exact tca solution. Cool saline is used in neutralizing the peel, once the needed peel depth is obtained. The skin is later on applied with oil based ointment for keeping the moisture content.

transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty will remove all the skin patches and calgary eyelid surgery

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