Track Your Fertile State So You Can Get Pregnant Fast

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Having a child is such a blessing to a couple. Whether you are married or not, a child is like an angel or a lucky star in any relationship or home. Women wants to have children. This is simply how their maternal instincts work. If a woman knows about her own reproductive system, it will be easier to get pregnant.

For women who don't know a lot about their reproductive system, please read the rest of this article.

Needless to say, pregnancy occurs when a man and a woman engage in sexual union. Behind the scenes, as it where, the sperm of a man will have to travel into the vaginal canal of the woman's body and it will try its best to reach an ovum or an egg. Then it when it reaches it, it will fertilize the egg. Healthy women who are in a child bearing age will definitely get pregnant.

The only problem is, the fertility of the ovum lasts only about 12 to 22 hours. This is an extremely limited time for the sperm to fertilize the egg. That is why you should take note of this fertile stage and have sexual intercourse during these times.

To track your fertile stage you need to be really determined and observant. You can actually track the number of days you are fertile. You can also keep a record of vaginal temperatures. There is what we call the BBT or Basal Body Technique. There is a BBT thermometer or calculator that detects the vagina's temperature everyday. You can sue this to record your temperature. The higher the vaginal temperature, the more fertile you are.

There is no substitute to learning things the proper way. So, if you really want to get pregnant, consult your doctor and follow his/her advice. Good luck on your quest.

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