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Here we can see about some important touch phone technology.
Network: The entire mobile "phones or touch phone" should be operated under a particular frequency range. Every country has its own frequency range for their radio devices. Please keep this in your mind, while selecting a touch phone. Your touch phonesshould able to access into all the range of frequencies all over the world.

Single band: this are the operating frequency which has only one or single band width frequency only. Some basic models are belongs to this category. They can be used into one or two countries only normally. Ranges are around 650MHz
Dual band: this type of mobile can able to operate into two different ranges of frequencies. Mostly 650MHz and 800MHz around. They can be used in countries which has same frequency range.
Tri band: this frequency range falls on around 3 types of frequencies. Such as 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz or 1900MHz. with in these four, they can be used only in any of three. Almost many countries have comes in this range of frequency.

Quad band: this is almost advanced and currently used one. It can be operated under 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. it covers almost entire world. So, no need to worry about network frequency any more, by this technology in your touch phone.

Another important one is different type of generation technology. Here we can go through some important applications about third generation.
3rd GENERATION or 3G is a current and advanced network technology. It is entirely different and advanced one when compare to nits previous edition of 1G, 2G and 2.5G.
By this technology we can send and receive e-mail, MMS [multi media messaging],access into various type of packet office at high speed, send and receive audio, video files and especially "video calling" this is the most advanced one in now.

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