Top Tips to Improve Your Pictures

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If you've been looking for some tips on improving your pictures, then this is the article for you. We'll look at lighting, timing, zooming & cropping, red eye, being inventive, using the foreground and experimenting. By the end, you'll have some great ideas on what you can do to improve your photography.

First, let's look at lighting. Light is the most important thing when it comes to photography. Natural light is white and artificial light can be shades of yellow, orange or green. You can use it to your advantage. Light from the side brings out shapes, structures and textures. This is why early morning and evening are good times to take pictures.

Next, we'll look at timing. Timing is vital, especially when taking action shots of animals, babies and moving objects. Hold the camera to your eye all the time and be patient. In the half second it takes to move the camera away from your eye you could have missed an amazing shot.

Now, let's look at zooming and cropping shots. This allows more of the view to be captured. Zooming in will make the picture more focused and isolated on specific detail.

Next, red eye can also be avoided by turning up or providing more light in the room. Most cameras come with red-eye reduction settings.

Being inventive is another key way to improve your photo album. Turn the camera on it's side or use features in the environment to frame your shots, for example a window if you are taking a picture of something on the other side of it. Zooming in can also create a sense of intimacy, maybe if you are taking a picture of a lover or child.

Use the foreground. This is the area in the front of the picture closest to the photographer. An object in the foreground can invite the viewer in and then lead deeper into the picture.

Finally, make sure you experiment. The more pictures you take from different angles or by using objects to dominate the picture, the more creative and confident you will become as a photographer.

So there you have it, some great tips you can start implementing today. These tips will help you become a better photographer and create a higher quality of pictures.

Chris Canham is a commercial Canberra Photographer with more than 10 years experience in advertising, real estate, political, corporate and event photography in Canberra.

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