Top Tips For Mystery Shoppers

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Mystery shopping will require that you make lots of observations and remember or record much information. You will have to do this all without it being obvious that you're doing a mystery shop - this will get easier with practice! For new and experienced shoppers alike, here are some top tips to make your experience as productive and smooth as possible:

Don't double book -

It is vital that if you accept an assignment that you are able to carry out that assignment. Keep a diary and log all of your bookings, if you have not received the necessary paperwork then chase it up.

Always read the brief -

Every brief is different, so ensure that you read the brief carefully so that you understand what is required of you. Be certain that you are able to complete the assignment within the time frame allocated. Email or call your mystery shop agency with any questions or concerns.

Print off your assignment -

Take a copy of the assignment with you so that you can refresh your memory. Please ensure that you keep all paperwork out of view. Your identity must remain a mystery. Don't use a notebook to record your findings - it's way too obvious.

Remain a mystery

Never draw attention to yourself, don't be obvious, act natural.

Accuracy is vital -

You may be required to record the names of all staff that serve you. Sometimes it is difficult to see the staff members name badge or remember their name. Do not guess, if you are unsure describe the member of staff. Keep to the facts; clients want facts not opinions. Never judge one assignment against another, each assignment must be judged on it's own merit.

Validate your assignment -

Use times, landmarks, locations etc to validate your assignment. Keep all receipts for purchases as these validate the time and date of your visit.

Record your findings immediately -

Allow sufficient time to complete the online evaluation, never rush. Record your findings as quickly as possible, this will help ensure that you do not miss vital information.

Manage your paperwork -

Keep records of your fees and expenses. You could end up loosing money if you do not keep accurate records - receipts are money. Seek advice from an accountant about keeping records for tax purposes.

Communicate -

If you experience any problems with completing an assignment get in contact with your agency. If you fail to complete an assignment without notifying your agency it is unlikely that you will be allocated any further work.

For information on Mystery Shopping and to begin the application process - click the link. Retail Active has many years experience in the mystery shopping sector and can offer you a fun and rewarding experience.

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