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Handy, simple and sturdy
When you have held a BlackBerry Bold, you will notice right away that the BlackBerry 8520 is somewhat smaller and fits neatly in your hand. It feels very sturdy and well-made and after a quick glance at the keys and controls you get the feeling you already know how to use this phone. In short, this phone is both very easy to operate and a full-fledged smartphone.
Swift and clever control
We're getting used to having lots of functions and applications on on our cellphones, but actually using them can be a different story; some phones are just not so easy to use, which may cause some stress when you have to do or know something instantly. You won't have any stress when you're using a Blackberry Curve 8520. It has been designed in a very logical way and you can switch between all installed apps and functions with the trackpad controller. You'll soon feel comfortable using this clever controller.
BlackBerry apps and software
There is plenty software available for all BlackBery smartphones. There are also lots of apps (applications) and games for both your personal life or professional use. All of these have been designed especially for BlackBerry. You can find these via BlackBerry App World and use them to fully personalize your BlackBerry Curve 8520.

Sync with your PC …or Mac
With a BlackBerry Curve 8520, the exchange of files and media or synchronisation of calendars is not limited to just PC users, but also available to Mac users. That's also good to know for people who are changing from PC to Mac or the other way around or use both.
Battery life
Many smartphones perform amazing tricks that will seriously affect their battery life and also your talk time. A reliable (lithium ion-) battery with a long standby time is a plus for any user. With a BlackBerry Curve 8520 you have 4,5 talk time and 17 days standby time.

How fast is the internet on a Blackberry Curve 8520?
In the internet speed category the BlackBerry Curve 8520 falls behind the top speed of competitors like the HTC HD2 or the Apple iPhone, but it is still pretty quick. The efficiency with which GPRS works on this phone makes up for the absence of 3G technology to some extent; differences in speed are acceptable. If you want a really fast internet connection, you could always use the WiFi connectivity, which is easy to configure and use on the BlackBerry Curve 8520.

Making photos and videos with the Blackberry Curve 8520
The possibilities and specs of the photo- and video-functionality of the Blackberry Curve 8520 aren't special, the ease of sharing images and videos with others definitely is: via e-mail, to social networks or using Bluetooth, it's all fast and easy to use. Screen resolution is fine for watching your videos (320 x 240).
Fast media keys
To make its use even more simple, Blackberry has placed dedicated media keys (atop) the Curve 8520 to directly control your media. Great when you want to skip a song or quickly pause the music when there's an incoming phonecall, or when you're watching videos or images.
What's in the BlackBerry Curve 8520's box?
Even though you may feel you won't need it, there's a user manual and a quickstart guide in the box of the Blackberry Curve 8520 anyway. Worth mentioning are also the charger with several connectors, the CD with BlackBerry Desktop software, the micro USB-cable, the headset with phone-function and, last but not least, the phone itself of course.
Value for money?
Even though the BlackBerry Curve 8520 isn't the fastest, lacks GPS and has a slightly lower screen resolution than the super phones, this BlackBerry is better than most smartphones in terms of reliability and ease of use. More importantly, the 8520 is definitely great value for money.

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