Top Six Justin Bieber Facts

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Every 12-year old girl across the globe who has ever been blessed enough to gaze upon Justin Bieber’s luscious feathered locks will definitely want to brush up on his most treasured memories and secrets in preparation for that fateful day when he puts a ring on her 12 year old finger. The rest of the world with a passing interest might also want to know a little more juicy celebrity gossip about the pint-sized pop sensation just in case he ever comes up in conversation at the office. Below are the six best Biebs facts out there.
Fluent in French – Oh la la, Justin shows off his multi-culturalism with his ability to speak French with the best of them. As he grew up in Ontario, Canada, just to the west of the French Canadian province Quebec, the language probably came as second nature in the land of maple leaves and hockey.
Zodiac sign is Pisces – Born on March 1, 1994, Mr. Bieber is a Pisces. The sign of the Pisces is two fish swimming away from each other signifying internal struggle, as can clearly be heard in all of Justin’s chart topping hits.

Celebrity crush is Beyonce – The lifetime love affair with the Bootylicious one-time Destiny’s Child front woman continues and will only intensify as more and more celebrity news outlets fan the flames.
Smallville Fan – Smallville is an American TV series that centres on the larger-than-life character of Super Man. No wonder Bieber is so attracted to him. Justin may have to find another favourite soon, however, as the Smallville series is scheduled to end after the current tenth season has finished.
Discovered on Youtube – Bieber was accidentally stumbled upon by Scooter Braun while he was looking for videos of a different singer on Youtube. Braun soon tracked down Justin’s mother and convinced her to let him fly Bieber out to Atlanta, where he was signed to Usher’s record label.
Avid Football Player – What UK girl would want to date anything but an international singer/stud football player? Think of Bieber as a crossover between Justin Timberlake and David Beckham, only with a little less Posh Spice and a little more teenage angst.

And there you have it; if ever the time comes for a rousing game of inter-office celebrity gossip trivia, consider yourself an expert on the very best of Justin Bieber rumours. If you ever run into him, try a zodiac-flavoured pick up line and see if it works, although he may be too busy dreaming about all the single ladies.

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