Top Rated Cartoon Characters - Charizard & Pikachu

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If you were brought up in the 1990's then you have definitely heard of pokemon.The super famous cartoon and game that several little youngsters loved. The influence is so good that even youngsters in 2011 enjoy the successful television series. There are more than four hundred pokemon currently and the collection keeps growing. Even though, the collection is still growing, there is a handful of pokemon whom stick out above many others.

Just about the most influential pokemon is pikachu. The extremely cute little rodent is the face of the show and has won the love of small children and grown ups alike. Not only does it look sweet but in the game and tv series it also packs quite a punch in battle. Pikachu follows his master around just about everywhere and it is one of the few pokemon who do not live in a pokeball. Pikachu is also the popular target of crooks david and david, who would like to take pikachu because of its impressive capabilities

Another pokemon that's influential for the brand is charizard. charizard is a massive, strong, orange dragon that's thought of as the shows "bad boy". In the beginning, charizard started out as a bad guy who was simply disobedient of their trainer but after Ash showed his love toward him, charizard grew to become a good guy. The big dragon is also on the front page of one of their gaming titles for the game boy and it is currently the #2 most recognized pokemon in accordance with a 2009 study. Additionally, charizard cards also continue being among the list of rarest and costliest cards one could get.

There is lots of new pokemon inside the series but the originals carry on being the heart of the series. Furthermore ,I think that they are going to continue to be a big part of series for as long as it continues.

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