Top New York Spa Treatments You Can Do at Home

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The main theme for everyone’s 2011 resolutions was going on a spending diet. Everyone knows how expensive New York Spa treatments can be but we hate the thought of not being able to indulge in a variety of strong and efficient hair removal services and a little manicure / pedicure rehab every now and again. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing kind of deal; we’ve got some tips on how to achieve the Spa effect at home, and when it’s best left to the pros.


At Home: Grab a bowl of lukewarm water and drop a tab of Alka-Seltzer in it to help loosen cuticles and soften skin. Use a wooden stick (found at the drugstore) to push back cuticles, never trim them yourself. Dry hands and wipe down nails with polish remover. After you’ve applied two coats use a clear, quick dry topcoat and wait five minutes.
At the Spa: Hit up your favorite Spa once a month. Use CitySearch to look up “Top Nail Spa” near you. Most of the time you can snag a good deal if you check their social media pages. Once you’re there, let them do all the work: cut cuticles, hand massages, messy paraffin treatment and OPI no-chip lacquer. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.


At Home: Google “At home facial treatments” and find your favorite recipe using ingredients you already have at home. Egg whites are great at tightening pores and avocados are a good alternative to a moisturizing mask. Leave on for about 30 minutes (depending on the recipe), wash and enjoy. Beware: digging out blackheads is off the list. If you don’t extract them properly it could lead to a major infection.

At the Spa: It’s best to indulge in a Spa treatment every few months or so when you feel like your skin really needs a good clean. In the winter weather you can stretch it for longer. Choose your favorite Spa New York to give you the works but make sure you are well informed beforehand. To get the most out of your facial they should exfoliate, steam, extract blackheads and message head, neck, scalp and shoulders. Build a relationship with your technician and he/she is more likely to keep you in the loop for all of their latest deals.


At Home: Shaving is your safest best at home. Make sure to exfoliate and let pores open up in a long, steamy shower before you shave. Never use a dull blade as it can cause awful razor burn and lead to more nicks and ALWAYS use shaving cream – soap does not count (tip: if you’ve run out, try peanut butter (creamy obviously), hair conditioner or Greek yogurt.) Once out of the shower slick on some olive oil and jump into skin tight leggings to seal in the moisture and keep legs hair free for days.

At the Spa: The Spa really does offer the most convenient and effortless hair removal services. Though it can be pricey, waxing, threading, laser and electrolysis are all are great choices depending on where you need it. For a quick touch up on brows or seasonal bikini maintenance waxing and threading are great options. Make sure to choose a top rated New York Spa so you know their tools are clean and that there isn’t any double dipping going on. For other areas like underarms, legs and arms that need constant maintenance it’s best to look into long term treatments. You’ll spend now but will save after 5-6 treatments.

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