Top Fragrances for the Other Half

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At this time of year the sale of fragrances are set to skyrocket. Fragrances are a useful little gift, as they can be a timesaver when you're struggling to find that last gift and they are almost always well received. However it's difficult to determine what's right for your other half. Well, to help out I've thrown together a bit of useful information when selecting a fragrance for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Hopefully this helps a few people out.

1. The Girlfriend

Whether you've been with your girlfriend for a few years or a few months perfume is a classy gift and makes you look like you've really put some thought in. That is as long as you take some time to pick out the right one. If you don't know much about perfume it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you steer clear of brands with celebrity names slapped on them because this looks like you've copped out. What she wants is for you to pick a fragrance based on (surprise, surprise) the smell. The fact is she's going to want something that you like on her, so pick accordingly. Of course if you can get an idea of what she likes then that's perfect, but if you don't know and want to surprise her then there are a few safe bets. Pick something with a light sweet fragrance. A woman's scent should never be overpowering and Lacoste Touch of Pink has an elegant fruity odour which never fails to impress. The variety of Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is a little more expensive but has almost status symbol relevance among women. Both of these will be well received, but the key thing is to seem like you really made an effort to find something that suits her.

2. The Boyfriend

I've gathered that it is usually a lot more difficult for women to buy for men as a large amount of men won't really set about buying aftershave for themselves making it difficult for a girlfriend to judge what they might like. Those men who do know what they want tend to be very particular. The fact is that most guys will appreciate an aftershave from their girlfriend but will mostly wear it because their girlfriend likes it and less so for themselves. However it is important that the girlfriend doesn't pick anything to effeminate or over the top. Many of these aftershaves are bought by guys so that they can stand out and meet a girl. I doubt that this is what a girlfriend is going to go for when picking for her partner. Hugo Boss aftershave such as ‘Boss in Motion' is popular has a more masculine odour than most and also comes in a funky spherical bottle. The bottle shape can play a bigger part in its appeal than you might expect. Other popular aftershave for men includes Diesel Fuel for Life and Armani Code.

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