Top Apps For iPhone - 3 Must Have iPhone Apps For 2011

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With an incredible array of iPhone Apps now available, it can be near impossible to know where to start. But don't dispair - if we can do it you've got a winning chance!

We know there are about a hundred trillion iPhone apps we could go through and be excited about, but unfortunately an article containing such a massive litany would probably make your computer explode.

So, you'll excuse us if we don't go crazy and try and present 100 iPhone Apps. Instead, lets weed out the list and see if you like what we've come up with.

So what makes an iPhone App Exciting? There's a number of crucial elements. It has to have a function that’s interesting, sure, but it also has to be something that we can use in our daily or weekly lives - in other words, it should have an impact on our overall quality of life. Technology is here to make life easier, simplier, and more enjoyable. We hope you'll find this apps to deliver the crucial ingredients whilst doing it in style. Hey, we live in the Internet age; we’ve got high standards. Have a look below at the iPhone Apps we think cut the mustard.

iPhone App # 1 - Heytell. The geniuses at Voxilate have come up with a great way to communicate via voice. Heytell uses VOIP technology to send short messages recorded in audio to anyone else who has the App installed. The app is very easy to use and it's super simply to send a message. Sending a message is as simple as pressing the contacts name, and then hitting record. Once you're done, the message is sent straight away to the other person. Your voice message is instantly transferred over to their iPhone, ready to be heard when it suits them. We think the best thing about this App is that it can save you money, because you won't need to make a call.

iPhone App 2 - iTorch4. If you've got a Apple iPhone 4, you've probably come across the flash mounted on the back that doubles as a light. This App allows you to turn that light off and on whenever you please. Upon installing this app, your world of darkness will be illuminated. No need to go into the iPhone's camera app, and activate the light. This app is a quick and easy solution for controlling your iPhone 4's on / off switch. It's surprising Apple haven't built this functionality into iOS. This App wins spot # 2 purely on practicality. Why carry around a flashlight when you've got this App & your iPhone 4?

Top App No 3 - Angry Birds Rio. Life should be fun and exciting, and this app delivers hours of fun for free. A spin-off from the original Angry Birds series, the goal here is to knock out the bad pigs and save your birdy friends. This game might look hard at first, but it's actually very easy. This game is a favourite for a good reason, it's just so much fun to play. Believe us, you won't regret installing this App onto your iPhone. This game rocks and it's totally free. How can you beat that?

Are there more apps to explore? Without a doubt, yes - but we think you'll just love these Apps enough to get you started for 2011

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