Top 7 Baby Care Tips For The First Time Parents

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The joy of holding your baby in your hands for the time is something that can never be expressed in words! Suddenly you feel as if the God has blessed you with the most wonderful gift. You feel so lucky to see your baby’s smile and hear his or her faint cries. With this beautiful feeling, comes a huge responsibility. The responsibility of being a good parent and that’s what becomes most difficult as people all around keep advising you. Don’t get confused and take a look on our chosen TOP 7 TIPS for the First time parents –

  • Cleanliness is Godliness – You should ensure not just Self-hygiene but make it mandatory for every person who picks up the baby to use Hand Sanitizer before doing that. Infants are so prone to infection and allergies in their initial days. You can avoid so many problems just by maintaining a clean ambiance and hygienic habits every time you or someone else is around the baby.

  • Holding the baby properly – It’s not easy for first time to parents their tiny bundle of joy properly initially. Make sure that your palm rests under the head of the baby as baby’s spine is not developed for first few days and infants may suffer injury if they are not held properly.

  • Hugging and Cuddling is important – The infant misses the mother’s warm womb and needs to adjust with the outer ambiance. It is important that he or she should be cuddled and hugged more often. And you may end up noticing a faint smile on your baby’s face every time you cuddle the little one closer to your heart.

  • Don’t keep your baby wet – Infants tend to wet more often in night time and mothers may miss out changing their wet nappy because of their sleepiness or lack of energy. Here is a note of caution – baby’s wet nappy may create more rashes than diapers! Moreover, they may catch cold or fever as well if they stay in a wet nappy for longer time. It’s always better to use taped Diapers for night time. This will keep the baby dry and give both the mother as well as baby at least a 4-hour uninterrupted sleep. We advise mothers to buy diapers online as you can pocket big discounts while doing the same.

  • Sterilize bottles and breast pumps regularly: If you have chosen to bottle feed your baby, do not forget that Sterilization is very important. Just washing bottles or breast pumps would not eliminate the risk of infection; so sterilize bottles and breast pumps daily.

  • Baby Massage and Bathing – It is very important to massage your baby with Olive Oil or Baby Oil everyday for first six months at least. Massaging helps in the baby’s development. Giving the baby a bath after half an hour of massage relaxes the infant. You will notice that the baby experiences a cozy sleep the moment he or she is given a massage followed by a bath. And even if its summer time, you should choose the lukewarm water to give your baby a bath.

  • Dress up your baby comfortably – You may love to see your baby in fashionable clothes but we advise you to buy Organic cotton or 100% natural cotton clothes for your little one. Comfortable and cotton clothes protects your baby’s skin from any skin allergy and keep them happy as well. You can find a good range of baby-specific cotton clothes online at
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    One extra tip for parents is to follow your heart. Leave aside all theories and advises given by elderly and enjoy your parenting time to the max!

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