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Justin Bieber is among the most well liked according to COED Mag it is a good thing Justin Bieber got a hair cut, it seems he has usually been mistaken for a girl. COED Mag has disclosed the Baby singer ranks number 7 in the list of fifty most popular girls on the internet, according to Google searches.

The 16-year-old Canadian's name turns up on 34,200,000 pages while singer Lady Gaga grabbed the #1 position with a powerful 229,000,000 pages, according to an article posted on COED Mag on Apr twelve and discovered this Saturday by mommy site Babble's gossip blog Famecrawler.

While Bieber is extremely popular among tween girls he has 6.6 million Twitter proponents and his shows often provoke crowd control issues the teenager pop star has been criticised for his appearance and his high voice.

Justin appears like a lesbian, comedienne Joan Rivers told Hollywood Life in December. I am the wrong age I swear to God he appears to be a mate of Chaz Bono's. Bieber also allegedly has a fan base of lezzies who refer to themselves as Biebians and a blog dedicated to gay ladies who look like the musician suitably called lezzies who look like justin bieber.

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But the pop star, whose voice seems to have dropped in contemporary performances, has been working diligently to turn his image more macho. He appears on an impending cover of UsWeekly with a new hair cut and has lately been snapped relaxing with Disney starlet Selena Gomez. Irrespective of whether he looks manlier, the vocalist seems to be assured in his appearance.

Not attempting to be conceited, but if I walked down the road and a girl saw me, she would have a look back because perhaps I am good-looking, right? he told Self-esteem Fair in its Feb issue.'s top 10 list of preferred ladies online :

10- Avril Lavigne 28,900,000 results
9- Paris Hilton thirty three, 200,000 results
8- Miley Cyrus 34,100,000 results
7-.Justin Bieber 34,200,000 results
6- Britney Spears 46.600,000 results
5-.Rihanna 53,900,000 results
4- Beyonce 55,200,000 results
3- Madonna 61,300,000 results
2- 76,100,000 results

1- Woman Gaga 229,000,000 results.

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