Top 5 Tips for a Successful Bikini Photo Shoot - Part 1

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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Bikini Photo Shoot - Part 1

Now that summer time is approaching, a number of models would want to have a least a couple of bikini shoots in their portfolio. This is a must, especially if you are interested to model in sectors promoting party clothes, swimwear and lingerie items. In short, bikini shoots tell so much about a girl's body. This is the time for a model to strum her stuff and show what she is really made of!

The following tips should be helpful both for photographers and models in doing a successful bikini photo shoot:

Tip 1

Planning ahead the location of the shoot is crucial. It must be taken in consideration the amount of privacy available both for a relaxing shoot, as well for the model to change clothes (public toilets can be very helpful). Take note on which days/time the beach/coast is least frequented. Children, pets and people swimming in the background would add unwanted 'noise' to your photos.

Tip 2

It is of utmost importance that you plan you posing sequence for your session. I am referring to those instances when the model is directed to lie down on the sand or sit on a rocky area. Sometimes it is time wasting or almost impossible to remove efficiently the sand that persistently clings to the model's body. Likewise, if the model is to enter in the water, take in consideration wet hair and clothing attires. I suggest that these shoots are left for the last part of the session.

Tip 3

Demand that the model wears loose clothes 2 hours prior the session. This way any marks on the model's skin, such as left by belts, bra straps and fitted clothes are avoided. Keep in mind that time is money for both of you and waiting for unsightly marks to fade away is a waste of time. Planning these things would reduce the amount of work that you as a photographer have to spend editing the photos later on behind the computer screen. Eventually the model would save money too.

Tip 4

If the model is interested to get a perfect tan for the day, make sure that is planned beforehand. I regularly suggest models to choose their sunbathing costume with care in order to avoid awkward tan marks as a result. Strapless bra tops and low rise thongs are ideal. That way when wearing your bikini attires for the shoot your tan would be even all over the whole body.

Tip 5

Swimwear that contains excessive reflective accessories such as golden/silver chains, bangles or buttons ideally should not be used for photo shoots. These produce unattractive hot spots when reflecting sunlight. It also makes it tricky for us photographers to control the amount of light entering through the lens. Girls keep your bikini simple!

I am confident, that if you follow these basic guide lines, you are on the right path to be a better model. If you are a photographer, knowing the basics can relief a lot of the stress related to photo shoot models.

If you have found these tips helpful you can always learn more by visiting, the window to your success.

Author: Michael Abela

I have been fascinated by the human body since the tender age of 7, always with a pencil in hand sketching figures and models. Photography for me is a way through which I aspire to capture the beauty, emotions and passion transmitted through the human body.


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