Top 5 phone Calling cards for Calling to the UK

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When calling to the UK from the US you are presented with several calling card choices in fact, the number of choices that you are presented with can keep you from finding the best possible product to use. Today we're going to compare the top five phone calling cards you can use to call the UK based on their costs per minute, let's take a look.

Euro East and West

With this card you get a toll-free access number by the number of local access phone numbers can be rather limited so even though the cost per minute is of $ 0.007 at the local level, once you use a toll-free number to rate changes to $ 0.017. Another thing to keep in mind is that this calling card does have a maintenance fee of $.69 per week which is not all that bad if you decide to use your minutes a few days after you have purchased a card.


The cost per minute of this card is of $ 0.009 and provides a toll-free number for those living in the US and Canada however the number of local access numbers is limited to California, New York and New Jersey which means that if you live outside of those states then you are better off purchasing another card. Even though there is no connection fee you should be aware that there is a maintenance fee of $.59 in a biweekly basis.

Penny boss

The cost per minute of this card is of $ 0.009 just like Saturn however this one provides a lot more local access numbers which can be a nice thing if you want to talk longer. The maintenance fee on this card is up $.89 charged every week, a fee that can be a little steep if you are planning to use a five dollar card over the course of a month.


The cost per minute of this card is of $ 0.010 and even though it provides a toll-free access number to dial to, it has no local access numbers which is a big disadvantage. The maintenance fee is $.99 which is billed at mid night after the first use in the weekly after that so make sure to use all of your minutes if you are using this card.


The cost per minute of this particular provider is of $ 0.011, there is no connection fee and the maintenance fee is of $.59 charged in a biweekly basis. This card also provides both a toll free number as well as local access numbers within the US and Canada.

The cards we have listed above are most definitely not all of your options but only the top five as far as the cost per minute and several other fees we have taken in consideration. It is important to notice that even though these are the top five all of them have a service charge which means that if you do not use all of your minutes within a certain period of time your phone calling card balance will continue to decrease so that is something that you want to keep in mind in addition to the cost per minute.

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