Top 5 Most Haunted Places in England

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Haunted sites are a hot tourist attraction for children, teenagers, and adults as well. It is thought that over 50% of grown adults believe in ghosts and the possibility of an area being haunted. England is an area that has suspicious haunted activity.

First is the Highgate Cemetery. Located in London, the Highgate Cemetery is no typical cemetery. If you didn't know any better you might guess that it was from the set of a horror film. It is the number one hot spot for haunting in Britain due to its ivy covered angles, overgrown vegetation, and crooked headstones as well adding to the aura. Tours are available to allow tourists to see this along with the Gothic architecture here. Many people aren't aware that the famous Karl Marx was buried here as well.

Second is the Borley Rectory which can be found in Essex. It was made famous by Harry Price who was a famous 18th century ghost hunter. The newspapers ran a story about suspicious activity and a haunting in the year 1929 which attracted him to the location. After Price investigated it was given the nickname of "The Most Haunted House in England" due to his findings. The building itself did not stand long afterwards and was destroyed by a fire in the year 1939. People still have stories of haunted experiences and occurrences and ghost hunters still have it as one of their favorite spots to investigate.

Another one you can't miss is Pendle Hill which is found in Lancashire. The entire area is called Pendle Witch Country which the hill dominates. This got its name from the events in 1612 of the "Witches of Pendle" trial where 10 so-called witches were hanged at the Lancaster Castle. Many people believe that their souls still haunt the area. Pendle Hill has been seen on Living TV's "Most Haunted".

Fourth, be sure to visit the Red Lion, Avebury located in Wiltshire. Many people hold on to the idea that a large number of Great Britain's pubs are haunted. Part of the reason is that pubs generally are incredibly old buildings or the humorous individuals think that ghosts might enjoy a pint every now and then. The Red Lion Inn is 400 years old and is considered one of the most haunted pubs in all of Great Britain. Not only that but its location in the Avebury stone circle, which is Europe's oldest, also increases its unique appeal.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Glamis Castle in Scotland. It is over 600 years old and the appeal is immediately obtained when you see the towers, statues, turrets, and spires. It has been termed one of Scotland's most haunted castles and the ghost most notable is the Monster of Glamis who is rumored to be a deformed child who was kept locked up inside his bedroom for the duration of his life.

These are only a few of the hundreds of haunted locations you will find in all of England with its rich history.

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