Top 5 Mini MP3 Players under $50

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Mini MP3 players are designed for active people who need a lightweight player, which will not bother them while working out in the gym, jogging, or riding a bike. These devices generally have a smaller capacity than their bulkier cousins, and use flash memory for storage instead of hard disks like the higher capacity MP3 players. This limited storage and the small dimension are reflected in the relatively small price of these ultra portable MP3 players, available for under $50.

Here are the top 5 mini MP3 players available:

1) Creative Nomad MuVo For just under $50 you can get a 1GB Creative Nomad MuVo TX FM. The ultra portable player features a slim design that makes it ideal for workouts and other physical activities. It can receive FM radio and you can record your favorite tunes to listen to later. It is powered by replaceable batteries, which is great news for those who love to listen to their music for many hours without having to stop for recharging.

2) The iPod Shuffle The iconic series of ultra portable MP3 players from Apple is the player of choice for many music enthusiasts. The design of the Shuffle makes this mini MP3 player extremely easy to use, even during the most strenuous physical activity. Available in various capacities, the entry level Shuffles come at $49 for the 2GB model. That’s more than enough for its class and will give you hours of musical entertainment.

3) Archos Clipper A direct attack to the supremacy of the iPod Shuffle, the Clipper is small enough to easily find its place on your t-shirt or on armband. The quality of the sound of this mini MP3 player is excellent, as it is the construction of the product. For just $30 you get an uncompromising 2GB ultra portable MP3 player, which will surely satisfy you.

4) Sony W-Series Walkman Sony took a radical approach when it designed this compact MP3 player, it incorporated it in the ear buds themselves. The player is actually composed of the two ear buds, connected with a neck support, no dangling wires, no hassle. If you can’t stand wires and also want a superior audition, the W-Series is the ideal ultra portable MP3 player for you. The 2GB version is available at $49.

5) The SanDisk Sansa Clip Also aimed to directly compete with the Shuffle. Available in a wide range of colors, the Clip is small yet sturdily built, and has a sporty appearance. It includes an FM receiver and a recorder allowing you to record radio transmissions or even use it as a voice recorder. You can have it for as low as $40 for an impressive 4GB storage capacity.

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