Top 5 Methods To Reduce Money Spent On Cosmetics

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The average spend on cosmetic products has been rising throughout the second half of the 20th century and with the huge marketing budgets of cosmetic firms, this trend is unlikely to end any time soon. But is it possible to buck the trend and begin spending less on cosmetics?

So with time to tighten our belts in more austere times, here are five simple ways in which we can all reduce our spend on making ourselves look good.

1)Buy Own Brand Products - In the vast majority of cases, there is little to no difference in the effectiveness of expensive brands and their cheaper cousins sold by supermarkets and chemist chains. In the UK, the largest high street chemist, Boots, has it's own range of every day make up which has more research and development spent on it than all but a few of the very largest international brands on the market.

2)Don't Use Any - It is strange how easily we all allow ourselves to fit in with the masses and convince ourselves that looking a certain way is necessary. Regain your look and keep it real - take off the makeup and buck the trend. Let that natural, "as god intended" look flourish and keep all that money and spend it on something more worthwhile.

3)Eat Better - You are what you eat. By a mixture of improved diet, increased water intake and avoiding bad food groups, every bit of you, inside and out, will nourish itself into looking and feeling better. There is tons of help around on what foods help the body in keeping and looking healthy. For inspiration, talk to your local nutritionist who will tell you which foods help get that outward good look glow - that investment will quickly mean you need to spend less on products which simply cover up any problems rather than solve them.

4)Make Your Own - Consider getting creative and conjure up your own cosmetics using natural and affordable ingredients. How about a honey, Yoghurt and Banana face mask or a deep hair conditioner made from avocado and olive oil. Personal body, hair and face care started long before consumerism and there are hundreds of resources on-line which can help you find simple products which you could easily make at home.

5)Use A Dermaroller - Whilst not an alternative, using a product such as a dermaroller can help get the very most from your existing cosmetics. By penetrating micro channels into the skin, any product applied to the skin is able to get through the outer skin layers and get to the bits which need it most. This boosts performance considerably and means far less product (and cost) needs to be applied each time.


Reducing the amount of money spent on cosmetic products makes great sense for home economics - No matter which method you choose.
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