Top 5 Horror Films

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One of the greatest human escapes from reality is watching horror films. For some instances, we are horrified by what we see, but the storyline and the gore seems to keep us occupied for two hours without flashing back to our daily problems.

There are some horror flicks that are completely predictable and some are even unbearable to watch, but the more original films have a creative enough image – like the following five – that will forever be slated as being classics.

Friday the 13th

Anyone who has gone away to summer camp has to see Friday the 13th as this classic horror film originates during one fatal moment – a drowning at a summer camp. A group of teens decide to reopen an abandoned camp and, one by one, each becomes a victim of the main antagonist, Jason ‘Hockey Masks Are The Next Big Thing’ Vorhees. All of these events, including the drowning, occur on the superstitious day of Friday the 13th.

The surprise ending is one of the best donned by a horror film.


October 31 will never be the same for anyone who watches this amazing slasher film, which opens with the 6 year old, Michael Myers, killing his sister and being sent off to a psychiatric hospital. A few years later, ‘the shape’ escapes and comes back to town to threaten and kill other teens, particularly Laurie Strode.

This is a great horror film because it is not just a horror film where people die but the antagonist character is much more complex, where viewers can actually identify with the little humanity that Michael has left.

Nightmare on Elm Street

This horror film will keep you up at night, guaranteed. The plot of this movie involves the antagonist being able to kill his victims in their sleep which ultimately leads them to their gory death in the real world. Freddie Krueger is the antagonist, burned alive by the main group of teenagers’ parents. This horror film once again covers many different themes like revenge, justice and extreme creativity, blending what is real and what is thought to be fake together which makes it much more than just a garden-variety slasher flick.


Alien is a top horror flick because of its original idea to mesh horror with science fiction. The antagonist of this film vehemently stalks and kills members of a spaceship. This film does not rely heavily on special effects to make it a great film but it uses its characters and story to make everything in the film come alive. This film opened the doors to similar science fiction horror films like Xtro and Inseminoid.

The Exorcist

It is difficult to erase the scenes experienced in the Exorcist. This combination of terror and religion has grasped the horror film community by surprise which makes the Exorcist another top horror film of all time. This film was actually based off of a real exorcism which was led by two priests. This film capitalizes on the theme of a demonic child which opened the door to other great demonic child flicks like the Omen.

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