Top 5 Glee Songs

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Glee is the highly musical television show filled with drama and of course music as well. With all the talent that is displayed it can be difficult to determine which songs are the best but some can be narrowed down to stand out more than others.

My first choice is the performance of the Glee club of 'Don't Stop Believin' which was a part of the episode titled Pilot. The main singers were Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. This was an astounding performance which really showcased the talent that the Glee club had. Rachel and Finn showcased their talent with their amazing voices while Mr. Schuester has decided that he is definitely going to stay so that he can see the Glee club reach the success that he knows is possible. Overall, the message of the song fits in with life. A always believe in your dreams and don't ever give up on them because they are achievable.

Another notable performance was by the males of the Glee club in their shining 'It's my Life/Confessions Park II' in the Vitamin D episode. The girls did well too but the true stars were the boys. It's rare to see their talent because most of the show focuses on Rachel and her vocal talents. It was no contest that the boys outshined the girls on this Glee club challenge of girls versus the boys.

Bust your Windows, which featured Amber Riley during the Acafellas episode was interesting because Merecedes got the full spotlight for once. Since usually Lea Michele is given the most attention songs that focus on other people are few and far between and when they happen they definitely stand out. Amber Riley does not disappoint with her performance and the emotion that flows through it is there to show everyone what the real purpose of the show and club is, the real music.

Another notable performance and song was Lea Michele's rendition of Take a Bow. This was in the episode titled Showmance. She has plenty of talent which shines through in every single song that she bellows out of her vocal cords. Songs that may not have seemed so great on the surface are like new songs to your ears when they are produced by Lea Michele. The emotion that she puts into every performance that she has is astounding and makes you take a second glance at any songs which may not appear so good the first time you hear them.

One performance the Glee club has made that cannot be overlooked by any stretch of the imagination was 'Somebody to Love' from the episode 'The Rhodes not taken'. The club works together with the variety of voices they have. Everyone comes together and the song just happens to sound so right. It marks the return of the group together once Rachel quits and does not disappoint in the harmonic sounds they are able to produce.

Your favorites may be different as everyone's musical tastes are individual but these performances are worthy of noting.

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