Top 3 Summer Apps

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With summer just around the corner for the United Kingdom, it is time to update that app library you have on your iPhone 4 with some new toys that will be handy during the dog days of late sunsets. And while there are thousands of apps in the Apple store to choose from, the list had to be narrowed to just three, because top five was so last summer. So here they are, the three best summer apps that you need to download as soon as possible.
The weather in the UK is not very predictable during the summer. Actually, scratch that. The weather in the UK will predictably be pouring one minute and a sunny 27 degrees the next. The weather app comes standard on your pay monthly iPhone 4. Right out of the box, you have it. Don’t delete it! Set it up to feed you the information on London and wherever else you may be from. Check it before you leave for work in the morning. Check it when you are planning a weekend of rugby with your mates. Check it before you head to Chelsea to get some shopping done. This is an incredibly handy app and could easily become one of the most used on your mobile.

Pollen Forecast
The people of Clarityn have given you, the most allergy-prone person in Europe, a way to predict if you will need that hanky for your weekend trip to the coast. The Pollen Forecast tool allows you to see the prediction for pollen around the country, including a really neat 3D animation that allows you to visualise the pollen count around you during real time. It even breaks down the type of pollen most likely to be in your area during different times of the year. If you do happen to be caught in the middle of an allergy outbreak, the app gives you tips and info on how to deal with it.
The iConcertCal app allows you to create a customised calendar of acts that you want to see live this summer. The calendar automatically updates to show you when any artist playing in your iTunes library is coming to a venue near you. You can browse by venue, city, close locations, by specific date, day of the week, and month. Each show has a link to buy tickets and uses the built in maps on your mobile phone to help you find your way. You can also add artists on the fly in case a new band comes along that you haven’t been able to upload to your iTunes yet. Perfect for those long summer nights.

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