Top 3 Homemade Acne Treatments

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Acne is a curable skin disease that can be easily removed by implementing a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. At present, acne sufferers have a lot of options that help them in reducing those untimely eruptions. However, many people still prefer homemade recipes as the best solution for treating any acne problem. The homemade remedy is prepared according to the age old natural methods that have been used for years by our ancestors. This long trust is the hallmark of purity and safety of a natural acne cure product.

Herbal cleansers have proved to be very effective in treating any kind of acne infection. This cleanser helps in clearing pores, which get clogged due the massive production of sebum. The oil when merges with the atmospheric pollutants give rise to many acne causing bacteria.

Application of gram floor paste on frequent basis makes your skin glow with health. In the same way, apply paste of sandalwood and turmeric over your face. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. This paste not only softens your skin, but makes it free from blemishes.

Cell renewal is an ongoing procedure in which new cells replaces the older ones everyday. So, skin cleansing becomes an urgent need of your body to get rid of dead cells. Another effective paste for cleansing your face is a mix of equal amounts of apple cedar vinegar and lime juice. Apply the paste evenly all over your facial skin using a soft cotton ball. Allow it remain for 10 minutes and then wash your face with a handful of fresh water. This will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

However, most of the people fail in maintaining a skin care regime on a regular basis. Therefore, we have few links that contain a list of carefully chosen acne cure products that have high Aloe Vera index. This further, helps our readers in selecting the right kind of Aloe Vera product for maintaining a glowing, healthy skin.

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