Top 25 Minnesota Wedding Requests

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St. Cloud Minnesota DJ Dave Ley has developed a list of the most commonly requested wedding songs for 2009 in the state of Minnesota. Dave compiled this list through his experience in DJ'ing 12 weddings this year. One of the things Dave has noted through the years is that couples have so many things that go into planning a wedding, that some things are forgotten.
Personalizing your reception with songs you will remember the rest of your life is relatively simple and worth the time and effort. Ley Digital Music has provided St. Cloud, MN DJ services for over 10 years and understands the importance of "your special day ". Whether you require help with the selection of your songs, or know exactly what you want and when you want it to play, Ley Digital Music listens to your request and "plays to the crowd". Ley Digital Music wants to make things as easy and enjoyable as possible and will proudly bring top level Central MN DJ Entertainment for years to come.
Please use this list and the accompanying comments to help make planning your reception a little easier.

1. Cotton Eyed Joe / Rednex (One of the greatest dance songs of all time, sure to get people to the dance floor and let loose)
2. I Gotta Feeling (Gonna Be A Good Night) / The Black Eyed Peas (A great new song that will get both the young and the old feeling like it's gonna be a good night. A great song to play at nearly anytime.)
3. Shook Me All Night Long / ACDC (Classic rock dance song that everyone knows. Works great towards the end of the night when the party's going strong!)
4. Cha Cha Slide / Mr. C (This very popular group dance song talks the dancers through basic dance steps that nearly anyone can do.)
5. Unchained Melody / The Righteous Brothers (One of the most beautiful slow songs of all time. This enchanting slow song brings both the older and younger guests to the dance floor to dance with their special someone.)
6. Electric Slide (Electric Boogie) / Marcia Griffiths (A great group dance that's sure to get people out of their seats.)
7. Dancing Queen / ABBA (An all time classic song that entices a group to dance along side the Bride.)

8. Baby Got Back / Sir Mix A Lot (Everyone knows this old school booty shakin' song. Whether you got back or not much there at all, this is sure to get your booties moving.)
9. Grease Mega Mix / J. Travolta & O. N. John (A great duet from the smash hit movie grease that gets people of all ages dancing and singing along.)
10. Sweet Caroline / Neil Diamond (This monster hit song has the power to bring the older and younger crowd together and tapping their feet.)
11. You Look Wonderful Tonight / Eric Clapton (A perfect song to use for a anniversary or first dance song. Nearly everyone loves to slow dance to this romantic tune.)
12. At Last / Etta James (An extremely popular first dance song about finally finding that special someone. This song is perfect at any wedding.)
13. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) / Beyonce (A great song to play during the bouquet toss or during any part of the reception dance to get the single ladies out of their seats and shaking their tail feathers.)
14. We Are Family / Sister Sledge (Get your family and friends involved in the fun! Great song for a wedding march or introduction.)
15. Play That Funky Music / Wild Cherry (This funky song puts a hop in your step at nearly any occasion.)
16. Love Shack / B-52's (A popular song that nearly everyone knows, is up beat and a ton of fun to dance to.)
17. Pour Some Sugar On Me / Def Leppard (Put a little rock and roll in the party mix. Great song to help express your feelings and let lose and nod your head.)
18. Billie Jean / Michael Jackson (With it's excellent beat and the special touch that Michael puts into his music, people dance and enjoy this song even if they haven't heard it or don't know the lyrics.)
19. Ice Ice Baby / Vanilla Ice (A funky rap song that's sure to get the party going.)
20. Cupid Shuffle / Cupid (A wonderful group song and dance that everyone can enjoy by both watching or participating.)
21. Get Low / Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins (Hip hop is in the house with this booty shakin', bass bumpin' hit song.)
22. Twist And Shout / Beatles (An all time classic that get's everyone and their grandma to the dance floor to twist and shout.)
23. I Love Rock N Roll / Joan Jett (With it's unique heavy hitting rock guitar, this song is a great way to keep the rock fans in the crowd entertained and wanting more.)
24. Mony, Mony / Billy Idol (A great song at nearly anytime during a dance to get everyone involved and out of their seats.)
25. Shout / Isley Brothers (One of the all time best songs to get guests of all ages and sizes to get up and shout!)

Ley Digital Music Entertainment is a St. Cloud, Minnesota DJ dedicated to providing Central Minnesota DJ entertainment. For more information, please visit

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