Top 12 Disadvantages of Apple iPhone 4

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Apple’s latest smart phone – iPhone 4 with two cameras, 1GHz chip, HD 720p video recording and the Retina display is no doubt the greatest 4th generation mobile phone. This iPhone 4 with all new, attractive look and above all with the highest-resolution screen so far is available at India’s top online mobile store – ‘’ But today, we will discuss some of its top disadvantages at the users’ end. So, let’s take a quick start with iPhone 4’s top 12 disadvantages;

  1. Apple iPhone 4’s hardware design is inclined to poor reception/signals unless a user holds it like a robot. It disappoints Apple’s diehard fans.

  2. The 4th generation iPhone 4’s memory is not expandable as it has MicroSIM card support only and no MicroSD card slot. Even its user can’t use an external drive.
  3. The lack of Flash support in the web browser of iPhone 4 disappoints its business users particularly.
  4. Apple has now introduced a secondary video-call camera in iPhone 4 but its FaceTime video calls feature only works over Wi-Fi and between two iPhone 4s. That means, you have to be connected to internet in order to use FaceTime video calling.
  5. You will be surprised to know that loudspeaker performance of iPhone 4 is very poor because it has no stereo speakers.
  6. The yellow coloured blotches underneath the screen that perhaps of the glue under the

    screen hasn’t completely dried, are quite annoying for iPhone 4 users.
  7. Once again, it is shocking for 4th generation smart phone users that this latest mobile phone from Apple has no FM radio and smart dialing option in it.
  8. Two more reasons why iPhone 4 is not the first choice of business users is its fake multi-tasking and difficult to replace charged spare battery. So, the new iPhone has failed four most competitors.
  9. Another big disadvantage of iPhone 4 is limited Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capability.
  10. The pictures taken by Apple’s iPhone 4 are deflected ones as the background colour is not the same as in original. For instance; Purple turns to dark blue.
  11. Just think that the whole body of iPhone 4 is covered by fingerprints because the designs add layer on the back is too of glass.
  12. And lastly, the game lovers are highly disappointed because iPhone 4 only has one hard button and lacks a control stick. Simple games such as ‘Tetris’ become difficult to play on iPhone. The lack of buttons on the iPhone 4 is typically circumvented by using the touch screen to simulate hard buttons.

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