Top 10 Tips To Make Your Business Mobile Phone Work Better For You

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These top 10 tips for your business mobile phone will make you more effective. You will probably agree that there are not enough hours in the day, but utilising your business mobile phone better will ensure that you are not only organised, but have more free time to do the things that you need to do.

Tip 1 - Email - If you are not using your business mobile phone for email, you are now being left way behind. There are various packages to enable you to get instant email relatively cheaply, eg. Blackberry packages; However, as long as you have got access to GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) on your business mobile phone then you will be able to access your emails by dialling in to them - you just won't be alerted when they arrive unless you have an add-on for this. This will also make you more customer focussed as most customers now expect instant responses so having the ability to email back will improve your customer's experience.

Tip 2 - Bluetooth - Most business mobile phones now come with a Bluetooth function. This function will not only save you money as you can send and receive messages free of charge on them to others who are Bluetooth enabled within the vicinity, but it will also ensure that if you have a Bluetooth enabled car kit you will not be breaking the law if you use your business mobile phone in your car.

Tip 3 - Satellite Navigation - If you are lucky enough to have GPS (Global Positioning System) on your business mobile phone then you can surely save time by using it as a satellite navigation system. Generally GPS is free but you would need to check this with your service provider.

Tip 4 - Internet Browsing - The majority of business mobile phones now come with the ability to access the internet via WI-FI or WLAN (wirelessly). This offers you the ability to be more versatile and work whilst on the move accessing the internet wirelessly via a network wherever you can. Or you can add a package on to your business mobile phone to browse without running up large mobile phone bills.

Tip 5 - Organiser/Calendar - Using your organiser/calendar to schedule appointments can act as a very good reminder ensuring that you never forget anything. The majority of all good business mobile phones now come with a calendar which is quite easy to update with appointments/reminders.

Tip 6 - Calculator - Often very useful if out and about and the need arises to do a quick calculation. All good business mobile phones will have a calculator built into them as standard now.

Tip 7 - Currency Converter - Not all business mobile phones will have this feature, believe it or not, but if you are lucky enough to have this on your mobile phone then it will quickly convert your required currencies.

Tip 8 - Voice Activated Dialling - This is an excellent addition to any business mobile phone. It allows access via voice commands and allows dialling of numbers/contacts which can be ideal if you are not able to use your business mobile phone manually.

Tip 9 - Push to Talk - This is two way radio communication on your business mobile phone. This allows access just like a walkie talkie however, it is network dependent so do check this out first.

Tip 10 - Clock - Last but not least this function will work as an alarm clock - ensuring that you are always on time.

These top ten tips should help you to be more organised.

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